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  1. brendang


  2. brendang


    Apparently I forgot to convert the second scan to grayscale. Both shot on Ilford.
  3. Saugerties, NY Coney Island, NY Allenhurst, NJ
  4. brendang

    Rolls Rolls Rolls

    I figured it would be thought provoking but I wasn't intending anything specific Thanks - Lighting stuff on fire is always fun, this time I happened to have my camera.
  5. brendang

    More Superia

    ^Took this one while riding a bike. There are a few copies of our zine left, pick one up before they are gone! sava.bigcartel.com
  6. brendang

    Got Some Rolls Developed

    Superia 400 Pentax IQZoom
  7. brendang

    Jersey Montage

    Thanks, Monmouth County but there are a few Rhode Island spots in the mix from a trip. If you like this bookmark our site! http://www.comfortablybummed.com
  8. Filmed on a t2i with a rokinon fish, kit lens, and canon 50mm 1.8
  9. brendang

    Bescor 50/100