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  1. Capturing Vx Footage

    Use Win DV. It looks so much better and mad easy.
  2. Why all of the sudden are their spam accounts in the WTB and 3CCD Sections? Go take a look for yourself.
  3. Wtb: Mk1 Fisheye

    Spam?? ^^
  4. Wtb: Mk1 Vx1000 Mount

    Why are their spam accounts everywhere???
  5. Opteka 58mm On Vx1?

    Whats with these 2 spam accounts above? I see them everywhere. Also 58-52 step down if you want it to work.
  6. Vx1000 Capture Cams

    If you don't know about capture cams why get a VX? Anyway get a Pansonic GS Series. Their not bad.
  7. Opteka 8mm

    Have fun trying to trade an Opteka lens for an MK1.
  8. Is It Too Late To Go Sd?

    I just got into SD last week!! Its not too late!
  9. Trv900 ?'s

    Also I don't even know if I'm whiteballancing correctly. When I do it the two triangles and square comes up. The colors change then. Do I keep that up or do I press the button again? When I press it again the colors change back to I what looks like the same...
  10. Wtb: Trv900

    Not at all the same lmao. A 19 is like a capture cam. I already got a 900 anyway.
  11. Just got this thing. I don't know if this is a montage but its more than a couple clips haha
  12. Sd Render Settings

  13. Trv900 ?'s

    What do you mean 1/500? I'm new to this haha. Like 500 Shutter?
  14. Sd Render Settings

    I'm editing in Sony Vegas Pro 10 and I want to know the best settings. What settings should I render with to get full quality? Then in MPEG Streamclip what settings? Doesn't 4:3 look the best with SD? Thanks.
  15. I was just saying I was posting it many times lmaoooo... I was saying it as if it was a bad thing? Not good? Damn Dude.