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  1. Rhandomskate

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    bump. what are you all fucking with these days. right now after a lady forgot to tie down a bunch of scrap wood in the back of her truck, and me wrecking my shit and getting a really bad infection, i have this bonneville. looking to add an enduro to the stable soon. just whipped around my pops new ktm 690 and i am in love.
  2. Rhandomskate

    Post Your Drone Shit

    I wanna see some drone shit. Post your cool drone clips, videos, or montages. Skate videos only.
  3. Rhandomskate

    I Am Mc Brainwash, Your New God.

    wait. what music video was i an extra in? i kinda wanna see it because i don't think ive ever seen it before. Tylar-Tang - Thats an old photo, but if I recall correctly i believe they were actually having a sale on bud light.. you know how the frugality of the hipster lifestyle can be. The prom shoots paid well, but shooting two a week between the months of april-june didn't allow me to afford the luxuries of fine beer like pbr in the off season.
  4. Rhandomskate

    I Am Mc Brainwash, Your New God.

    I was actually very surprised to see this when i opened it up. i don't really post on here much, but i still lurk. I actually started to think hai2u2 was becoming funny, but after seeing this i am just saddened. I saw potential but to think that you're still dwelling on one altercation we had in the past, and stalking around google in a desperate attempt to come up with an answer, and hope that you can be a part of my life just creeps me out. I'll be your friend if you really need it, you do whine a lot about people from the internet hanging out, but I don't really do well with overly needy people so not sure it'll work out bud. Hugs n kisses, brainwash
  5. Rhandomskate

    New Nba Playoffs Thred

    Turning out to be a pretty solid post-season. Wizards, Dallas, and Blazers are looking pretty good.
  6. just like anything really
  7. I think a major problem is that you're not able to beat your kids anymore. I think a lot of it comes from that.
  8. Rhandomskate

    Kickflip Fakie - Abandoned Ship

    this thread is getting kinda racist. the guy looks black enough to me
  9. i just saw this on fb because all of our mutual friends liked it, and I really digged it, so i thought i'd jump on here and let you know.
  10. its a god damn shame it took me this long to find out about this and it had to happen this way. how much did the venezuelan night club scene influence this video? Anyway this video makes me want to skate more than any robot video on the market right now.
  11. Rhandomskate

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    Thanks for all that info Stefan. I think I'm going to try and grab a scrambler if one pops up in the nw for a decent price.
  12. Rhandomskate

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    Stefan C., How do you like your scrambler? I'm looking for something like a regular 2001 bonneville, but I've been considering getting a scrambler for some time - just not sure what would be more comfortable or better overall for shit like xc trips. I imagine I can dial it in for an xc trip just as good as a regular bonneville though.
  13. I've been spending a lot of time in the eastern oregon desert lately - skating abandoned spots and fly fishing. I've been having some seriously close encounters with rattlesnakes, and it's kind of getting annoying. They're generally pretty easy to avoid, but they really haven't been rattling warnings all that much lately, even when they move out to the cement to get some sun, which fucking sucks. Anybody ever been bit by a rattlesnake or know anyone that has been bit by one? I know it can cost you an arm and a leg in more ways than one. It's only a matter of time.