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  1. Pool And Diy

    is that polish hill bowl in pittsburgh??
  2. Collection Of Photo Videos

    Just watched a good doc about bill cunningham on netflix. anyone know any other good photo documentaries on netflix?
  3. Nollie Flip

    where is this at? this looks very familiar?
  4. Back After Winter

    well this winter was a bitch. anyway, just got my first digital about a month ago (after shooting for 8 years). Haven't been able to use it much lately but I have shot some. Still need to get the flashes all in order as my sync cords took a shit on me. heres a few that I kinda like. hopefully the camera sees more skating... bump to nose back crail in akron boy, its been a while.
  5. So I just found this on craigslist the other day. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/mcy/2980434969.html a parts bike that I think would be fun to build into a bike. motor looks like it's in peices so that may give me trouble, but I've been reading up on the xs650 motors. doesn't appear to have any rust or anytthing bad with it. already talked to the guy and he said if I can't pay for it all at once, he'd be willing to hold it for me if I gave him the money little by little. But I'm a little hesitant to do that. anything else I should ask him about the bike? I'd really like to get this because this is something I've been wanting to do for a while now.
  6. Some Of My First Photos

    I'm a total sucker for city shots of pitt. The second is good, but the blown out sky is kind of a bummer.I'm assuming it was cloudy? Redo that shot just a little after sunset. Always a beautiful sunset Indowntown. Really makes the buildings look awesome.
  7. smoked a bowl and ate an entire pint of snickers ice cream. shits bomb.
  8. my buddy geddy is fearless when it comes to 15ft brick banks. central hower, akron, oh. last snap of the roll. dark but I do like.
  9. Fixed Gear Wheelies

    I was stuck under clouds man hah. I thought the second was gonna be fuckin killer then when I scanned it I was really bummed. I have a whole roll of portra 400 left so I want to try to do a whole roll of him just doing wheelies hahah. those damn april showers....
  10. Fixed Gear Wheelies

    i can honestly say I didn't shoot shit all winter. makes me embarassed to say I even own a camera. anyway, it's getting nice out so I've been shooting more. wheelies 4 lyfe! and the picture of the bike was taken back in november, and the wheelie was just shot yesterday ha. same bike though......enjoy. or don't. whatever. later.
  11. need some ebay slaves yo. preferably with two receivers. get at me.
  12. hell yeah dude. I first need to get a few bucks saved up. bills are killing me. plus I can't even find a basket case for a reasonable price right now. just not many out there in the area...
  13. well i think I'll just let that auction end then. that makes a lot more sense, especially if you're just learning with them. like myself. and the search continues....
  14. bidding on an xs650 frame. hopefully i can get this shit and get started on something.
  15. Skylines

    pittsburghs got great views of the skiline in so many different parts of the city. always liked phillys nyc ill think of more sometime...