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  1. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    Thank you it's almost over and I have no idea how many votes I have. Could be way behind or way in the lead so I'd appreciate if you all could vote again, and again the next day. Then again on Halloween before you go get candy. Thank you
  2. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    300 yard swim, 16 mile bike, and a 5k run.
  3. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    Less than one week left. Thank you all for who voted so far. Just remember you can vote everyday. and all you have to vote is to just enter a captcha code. Completed my first triathlon in 1 hour and 37 minutes this past saturday
  4. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    trumoo chocolate milk. still open if you feel like voting.. I feel like this could be rigged because i cant tell how many votes I am getting..
  5. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    Lowfat chocolate milk contains the right mix of carbs and protein scientifically shown to help refuel muscles.
  6. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    this is about the only pic I really got today of me infront of my bike with the go pro maybe you can notice some improvments in my arms but it's nothing crazy. I'm still pretty skinny. I just love chocolate milk so dont forget to vote everyday! thanks..
  7. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    I've got a 63 mile ride tomorrow. I'll see if i can photo bomb any photos flexing. Anyways vote everyday!
  8. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    I dont eat like I am suppose to. That picture of me on the lawn mower was before I even knew what the gym was. I would say I was around 145 there. I'm 170 but I am 6'2 so I dont have look "thick" My chest is the area I try to target the most. but without eating enough food through out the day my gains are slow. Plus I cycling around 50ish miles a week. My legs are ripped though...
  9. JJ Lane

    A Little Sp Magic..

    Thank you I was looking for the picture. I lost it. No chocolate milk isn't my only post. I have a few protein powders that i make shakes with when I am not feeling lazy. But mostly I just try to eat high protein foods and lots of carbs. Chocolate milk is a lot easier to just pour a glass of than pulling out the blender and added all the stuff for a shake. And thank's again for voting!
  10. I've seen what everyone here can do to help people win things online. I'm a got chocolate milk finalist and I have to have the most votes by the end of the month. Yeah it's kind of cheesy but who wouldn't want to be sponsored by chocolate milk? You don't have to sign up or anything like that. Just enter a captcha code and press vote. Each vote donates a dollar to the Challenge Athletes Foundation so even if you don't like me you took a minute to help out a good cause.. You can vote once per day so it would be awesome if I could everyone's support from this website. If not... thanks anyways Here is the link http://gotchocolatemilk.com/applicant/justin-lane and thank you...!
  11. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. but any help would be great!
  12. I know you all have helped people win contests before. Maybe you can help me out here is the short URL http://bit.ly/yLNw6Q and you just have to like there little thing. then click vote for the picture of me and my gf. Then you can go back an unlike their page if you want. I only need about 200 votes
  13. ffffffffffffffffff my gpa is like a .5 f it
  14. Look into some yakima or thule attachments. I know the snowboard mounts might work. Check craiglist for real cheap prices on them. You could get ghetto and use bungie cords. Or just buy one of those book bag straps that holds a skateboard http://goincase.com/products/detail/skate-pack-cl55351/1