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  1. matt_enright

    Cavision .4X Fisheye Lens (72Mm)

    Is the sunshade thing removable? Will this fit the dvx100b? And will there be like a bunch of vig on it? And can I see like a little bit of test footy?
  2. matt_enright

    Opteka 62mm On Dvx?

    all right sweet, that looks really good
  3. matt_enright

    Opteka 62mm On Dvx?

    alright, but will it still look good do you think, or will it be super bad and i would have to crop out some of the vig?
  4. matt_enright

    Opteka 62mm On Dvx?

    hi, i was wondering if an opteka 62mm death lens would look good on a dvx, or would it have horrible vig, or if anyone has it, could you send test footage. thanks
  5. matt_enright

    Want To Buy 72mm Fisheye

  6. matt_enright

    Want To Buy 72mm Fisheye

    hi, i just got my dvx100b, and im looking at buying a cheap fisheye for it. it can have minor scratches and whatnot. im willing to trade stuff to, just tell me what your looking for. it has to be $100 or less if im buying with $ not trade
  7. matt_enright

    Dvx100a Setup

    Can I buy the fisheye?
  8. matt_enright

    Dvx100b Package

    Could i buy the fisheye?
  9. matt_enright

    Trade+cash For Camcorder

  10. matt_enright

    Wanted Camcorder/camera

    i ended up buying a dvx100b on ebay for $350, should i buy an opteka vortex 72mm or an opteka death lens 72mm for it?
  11. Hi, what does that mod thing on the death lens do? And will that pinnacle thing work on windows 8?
  12. matt_enright

    What Hd Camcorders Are 43,46,49,or 52 Or 58mm Threads

    I have a dslr that I can use whenever I want so I don't really want to get one, I'm just looking at camcorders
  13. matt_enright

    Scratched, Modded Fc-E9, Sony 10/20, 15.6" Laptop Case

    is the fc-e9 still available?
  14. matt_enright

    What Hd Camcorders Are 43,46,49,or 52 Or 58mm Threads

    what about this camcorder? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00008H2NG/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_7?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A34EBO0LR0TGKW ? im thinking that i could just buy an old pc that has a firewire port so that i would be able to use camcorders that are mini dv or hdv. and is this fisheye anygood http://opteka.com/optvt58.aspx?
  15. matt_enright

    Wanted Camcorder/camera