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  1. Black Milk

    5050 Transfer

    Justin Vinson- 5050 for fall
  2. Black Milk

    Lil Nose Pick

    glad i started taking pictures again. foot drag is bugging me, but it was so windy on this day.
  3. Black Milk

    Back Overcrook

    yea, i understand this isnt the trick for this rail, but this is the trick he felt like doing so i cant change that. i got a few fish eye shot of this trick that im really feeling tho.
  4. Black Milk


    prime shit man.. thats a scary ass spot to be for that photo.
  5. Black Milk

    Back Overcrook

    I was saving this photo but fudge it. Dallis Thompson- Back overcrook
  6. Black Milk

    What Do You Do To Store Your Photos?

    i upload once a month to my external hard drive and throw it in a closet somewhere
  7. so im riding up to keystone Co from austin texas for the Cannbis Cup and i figured ill turn it into a snowboarding trip. only thing is, im going solo cause all my homies back home brokes as fuck. ill be staying at the resort from tuesday to friday then going back to denver to my grandmas, then back to austin. seeing if any of you denver heads are down to hit the slopes before the season end and maybe show a brother around some denver spots.
  8. Black Milk

    Sunpak 120 J Battery Packs

    long time no post. But this is for you guys or gals that own sunpak 120j with a tr pak ii battery pack. Took me a longtime to find a company that still makes battery packs for this thing. Here ya go. cheers from houston http://www.ibsa.com/cs_eStore/Search.aspx/Sunpak/TRPAK2?dsNavigation=Ns~product+Type|101|1|,Nrc~id-3,N~4294541798-4294541662
  9. Black Milk

    Boneless, F/s Smith

    Better than my first time that’s for sure haha. The second 1 is pretty dope, nothing to really complain about light wise in my opinion. The first 1 is coo minus the fence and shadows on the skater. You just got to get some light stands. Are you using a flash meter?
  10. Black Milk

    Lava Push

    have him kneel down all steezy looking
  11. Black Milk

    Old Front Blunt Photo

    i posted a photo of a front feeble a long time ago but the trick made the photo look super awkard...same comp tho. but maybe on tumblr
  12. Black Milk

    10 Kinks

    dude, your photo is soooo much better than the one used. bummer fosho
  13. Black Milk

    Old Front Blunt Photo

    from a few months ago. here goes a crook from a few weeks ago. cheers from houston
  14. Black Milk

    I Like Ollies