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  1. yeah i'd say probably once or twice a year i'll come and lurk around for a minute or two. today i was looking at my profile and it seemed like all of my topics and posts i've created are now deleted which i'm really bummed about. hopefully i'm missing something and i can still access them somehow. i do recognize a few people in this thread here which is cool to see that they still stop by every so often. i skate probably once a month if that, only 2 people i grew up skating with will actually come out and skate if it's nice out. i refuse to sell my vx1mk1, sometimes i just turn it out and look at it just because i still love it so much. i have so many funny/good memories from here growing up - hopefully i'm not the only one to remember some of these: etrizz, hotdog bun kid, when torgy used to post, coloradolove and his i hate everything about you montage, filming and staying up all night editing kotr, and last but not least:
  2. twigpusher578

    Altamont Voodoo Child Jimi Hendrix Shirt

    I have an offer for $50. Beat it and it's yours.
  3. Well I don't really come here too much anymore, but I figured I'd post this up to see if anyone wanted it before I put it on eBay or something. I'm cleaning out my closet a little bit and I'm getting rid of my Altamont Voodoo Child shirt since I already have another one. I bought this shirt probably around 2009 and it's still my favorite shirt to this day hands down. It is a size LARGE but Altamont clothing, espicially the older seasoned stuff like this tend to run really big so I measured it up and it's 21.5 inches from pit to pit, and 27 inches long from front neck to bottom. Worn and washed no more than two times, it just sat in my closet for all these years. I don't have a set price, so just throw offers at me. Let me know if you'd like additional pictures.
  4. twigpusher578


    shot in the dark..anyone know where i can find a link to that really old skate video called tek5c? i remember it from 2002-2003ish and haven't seen it since. it was pretty popular on kazzaa and i'm pretty sure a guy named justin hogan had the last part. anyone?
  5. Figured it's worth a try...looking for the installation disk for mac os x 10.5 LEOPARD (not snow leopard). Pm me with a price!
  6. twigpusher578

    Kotr 2011 Winners

    yeah dude cool that's your opinion, but the way this needs to be decided is either threw a mod vote or another voting thread
  7. twigpusher578

    Kotr Voting Thread

    1. snufaluffagus 2. diegomeek 3. ryderb
  8. twigpusher578

    Where Is Sgat

    long gone my asshole
  9. twigpusher578

    Vx1000 Only Sees Black In Viewfinder?

    I just tried doing that, didn't really want to hit it too hard so I kinda just tapped it and knocked on it a buncha times and still nothing. And I just tried to record with it, and nothing but black and the audio show up on tape. My computer also doesn't even recognize it as a video camera anymore when I plug it into ichat, it just shows the phone icon. This fuckin sucks I guess I'll just send it into Kerry
  10. twigpusher578

    Vx1000 Only Sees Black In Viewfinder?

    haha thanks for your input, but I tried the settings on 1/60 and 18db and still it's pitch black.
  11. Today was the first day I brought my vx1000 out to film in probably 4-5 months. I let my friend film me for about 5 minutes and then he gave me back the camera and when I looked threw the viewfinder all I saw was black. But the thing is, I can see ALL of the settings, it's almost like there is a lens cap on my camera and all I see is black. I doubt that it's the ribbon cable because I don't think I would be able to see and change all of the settings. It does the same thing in photo mode, and I haven't gotten a chance to see if it records just black yet. Anyone have any help/advice? Thanks
  12. not really from my school, but everyone from my school knew this girl who had this legendary nickname "dorito bag". she got the nickname from literally banging a kid who used a dorito bag as a condom...and she'll openly admit to it too if you ask her about it from what i heard
  13. twigpusher578

    Fs: Iphone 3g 16gb Black

    yes. you can. download redsn0w0.9.5b5-5 to jailbreak, then use cydia to download ultrasn0w for the unlock which will work for t-mobile.
  14. i'm down in rochester hills for a week and wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up and skate. i have a vx1mk1 also if anyone wanted to film...let me know
  15. twigpusher578

    Diamond Supply Cold As Ice T Shirt

    anyone have a diamond supply cold as ice shirt in size small? it doesn't matter which color either...i've been trying to get a hold of one for the longest time and i'll pay pretty much whatever price. this is what the shirt looks like: