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  1. Looking to sell my gh2 because im upgrading soon, Very well taken care of light use, mostly used for video. asking $650 for everything, no lens included. No trades. Ill post more picture's tonight
  2. Lindquist

    Wtb: Hpx170

    what part of cali you in, and show me pics of the vx.
  3. Lindquist

    Post your setup

    nice hah i wanna get 670 4gb, i got 650 ti right now 1gb with osx ml.
  4. Lindquist

    Post your setup

    what video card you got?
  5. Lindquist

    16x9inc. 0.45x Fisheye Is It Wide Enough?

    no why i sold mine , use hpx as long lens gh2 with rokinon for lines.
  6. Lindquist

    2008 Macbook Or Custom Build

    custom build, mine was around $800-850 i5 3570k 3.4ghz 8gb corsair vengence ddr3 ram gtx 650 ti 1gb gigabyte z77 ds3h mobo 22' acer monitor 1tb int. hd 2tb ext. hd corsair 200r case i got these parts for hackintosh build and it works perfectly. mainly got nvidia card because ive always used nvidia, and it uses cuda cores. I plan on updating my whole system , i7 3770k, gtx 670 4gb, 16gb ram for under $1500.
  7. Lindquist

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    ya id love to balance a fucking soda on top of my 5d mk3..rofl..
  8. Lindquist


    nicee, d7000?
  9. Lindquist


    http://www.itaktech.com/?SID=0juk3439rchrtk1l023u2t52o0 tryin to get one of those mice, jus curious if they are legit or not.
  10. Lindquist

    Nigerian Scammer?

  11. Lindquist

    Found Flo

  12. badass edit man, props you ever skate maui?
  13. Lindquist

    Gh2 Vs Gh3 Fisheye Comparison

    yeah soooo.... gh2- wider gh3- not as wide get metabones adapter for that shit when it comes out for m43