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  1. AGFilms

    Mini Dv To Computer, Then To Vhs, Then To Computer.

    great! so now I understand it perfectly. The only weird thing i need is a TV that has that scart input, It doesnt seems too common. do you know if it works using a scart to rca? obviously having a tv with 2 rca inputs btw thanks it really helped, hope it works!
  2. AGFilms

    Mini Dv To Computer, Then To Vhs, Then To Computer.

    Scart In/Out SVHS found it, thanks so i dont think i understood well, you meant rca for the vx?. plug the camera to the tv, then tv to vcr to capture the footage on a vhs. then i switch the button to OUT and the vhs footage appears on my camera? so i need a rca or rgb lead as you said. But what i dont know is in what process do i need the Scart In/Out SVHS??? sorry if i didnt understand, english is not my main language.
  3. AGFilms

    Mini Dv To Computer, Then To Vhs, Then To Computer.

    is not the same
  4. Hello guys, I want to make my VX footy look like vhs, and want to rewind while capturing and all that shit too. U know what im saying So the thing would be, capturing mini dv to computer which I do everyday, but then I want to burn the footy into a vhs. Then capture it again from the vcr to my computer so it stays on that vhs style. Heard something about burning VX clips to a dvd, then plug the dvd player into a vcr. Capture the dvd from the vcr. Then vcr to a blank dvd and then to computer. But well it sounds kind of nonsense, I dont know what cables I need, I got the mini dv cam to capture, a dvd player and a vcr so im ready haha. If somebody knows how to do this or maybe if there is another way, it would really help. Thanks!
  5. Here is the promo I made with my friends skating in Buenos Aires Argentina, hope you like it filmed with vx2000 mk2mod I know the lens is all scratched but we do what we can with it here is the teaser.
  6. thank you very much for the help!! Sadly I am from Argentina so i would have to choose for a local center in my country, or ill maybe send it to a friend of mine who knows how to deal with them-
  7. my vx 2000 ntsc had started filming all yellow for no reason. I captured the clips on my computer and they were yellow too. today i wanted to turn it on and i couldnt, it makes some weird noises. the only thing that is working is the playback mode. have you ever had this problem? know what is it? thanks
  8. Here it is, this is throwaway we could get within 2 weeks on the streets. I know it sucks but tell me what u think
  9. Do u know any skatepark there? Im going to a holiday trip
  10. AGFilms

    Amancio Shreddinnn

    thanks dude glad u liked it!
  11. We were at the skatepark chillin, went inside the car, smoke 2 damn big spliffs windows closed. Got out, day before rained and he said damnn dudee lets do thiss hahahahahaha
  12. hello guys, tell me what you think about this little montage I made. Hope you like it
  13. AGFilms

    First Vx2000 Park Montage

    thanks dude! In that place theres always music thats why and believe me, they have the worst song choices
  14. yeah like, my friends have to wait, and sometimes it takes like 15 seconds to come back it gets really annoying