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  1. What i do is film until my SD card is full, then what I do is import it all to a folder named "footy" in a sub folder called "Imports" I normally name the import folder by date. Then if I ramp slow mo any clips, I organize those ramped clips by skater name then trick (ex: Trey Flip - FS Blunt 360 flip nose manny nollie inward heel).
  2. Hello. I've recently been messing around with my settings because they looked like this: Very grainy and not crisp and clear. I want to render in HD but this always happens. I am using sony vegas pro 11, and under Sony MP4/AVC i chose the settings "Internet 1080p" and this is the result. any help with making it better? Thanks in advance.
  3. I've been editing for a long time (6 years, started when I was around 8) and I really want to go far with it, so I want to try something crazy i've never done before. How can I achieve an effect like the ones shown in this video? (With the clouds timelapse'd and the skating at a normal speed) Thanks in advance.