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  1. TheDesertFox

    62mm Opteka .3 On Hmc?

    First result when googling "72mm Opteka Fisheye" The 62mm is more likely to vignette, whereas you have more control over the degree of vig on the 72mm
  2. TheDesertFox

    Asking For Money On A Lens/body Hit

    In the end, the only deliberate decision on the whole situation was you filming as close as you were. I'm sure the skater was trying his absolute hardest not to fall over, so you really can't lay anything on him. I understand the predicament, but you have to be ready to accept that your gear will potentially get completely fucked up if you're going to put it on the line like that, it's all part of the game.
  3. TheDesertFox

    Gap Long Lens Or Fisheye Dslr

    Fisheye's a good bet because as long as you are low enough and close enough to the trick, it'll generally come out alright. Long lens can be tricky as it's all getting the right framing as well as angles and motion is a bit more specific
  4. TheDesertFox

    Opteka 72mm On Vx2000

    It will look much more like a MK2 compared to a MK1, it's distortion is more pronounced and bubble like than an MK1's. I'm not sure if the rear element is larger on the 72mm but you aren't going to get any vig.
  5. TheDesertFox

    Capturing Vhs Footage

    Worst comes to worst, just go to the local goodwill, and buy a $10 vcr that has the right outputs.
  6. TheDesertFox

    Vig Problem On Raymod

    You might be better off using black shoe goo or something opaque because white glue might still cause light leaks in your lens
  7. TheDesertFox

    Panasonic Gs500 Worth Buying?

    Pretty much any 3CCD camera will stand to the VX in terms of video quality, as long as the settings are correct and the glass you use is high quality
  8. TheDesertFox

    How Do You Get Super 8 Onto The Computer?

    via the usb cable local telecine service
  9. TheDesertFox

    Hmc150 Mk2 Vs Hmc40 Fce9

    The distortion on the mk2 is kind of unappealing compared the mk1. Have you considered hmc150 mk1? Hmc40 fec9 > hmc150 mk2 in terms of wideness either way.
  10. TheDesertFox

    Vx Colors

    I know this isnt what you want to hear but there are no magic 'vx settings'. Just film and study your camera until you know how to get the picture you want from the scene you're given. The settings revolve around the scene/available light/colour so unless you know what it looked like on auto, before man. settings and or cc then there is no way to know exactly what's been done
  11. TheDesertFox

    Swapping Century Glass With Opteka .3x Body

    Front elements work, so I see no reason for the back to not
  12. TheDesertFox

    Besel Fisheye

    It's the same design as all the other mk2 clones, basically a manybrand mk2. The only difference between century and all these other brands is that century made their own glass before their design went 3rd party and wholesale for other brands
  13. TheDesertFox

    Sony Alpha 3000 And Opteka 6.5mm

    E Mount should be E Mount across the board. You probably got given the wrong fisheye mount, ask for a return.
  14. TheDesertFox

    What Lens Is It?

  15. TheDesertFox

    Mixing Vx And Hd

    Scaling/cropping sounds like an interesting idea actually, but when it comes to VX vs HD, you're already at a huge loss as far as pixels are concerned, which is why I suggest changing the aspect ratio. In the end, as long as there is only a few clips you could probably bite the bullet and stretch them without it being too conspicuous. On top of that, if you're filming fisheye correctly (as close as you can) on SD, scaling to HD will produce head and board chop at the same time which would be pretty tragic. This is all opinion though, in the end you should just try everything and see what looks right