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  1. Is the 6x4.5 back still around or did you put it up on ebay?
  2. Vans6699Rowley

    The Last Photo Of The Day Was Today.

    I haven't felt compelled to make a comment or post on these boards in a while, but this topic deserves one. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say and am looking forward to seeing some of your new photos. Forcing myself to shoot isn't my style of improving my work, but I have no doubt that you'll find your plan helpful and it does motivate me to pick out a few ideas and work them out into something worth looking at.
  3. Vans6699Rowley

    In For The Winter

    Ha you should tell him to wallride fifty fifty that...on the wall side like skating a pool. So sick. Edit:consider this a bump
  4. Vans6699Rowley


    I honestly like the bonuses better than the ones you posted up. They're a ton more interesting than the other ones to me. I don't know if you're goal was to portray the way you felt about your grandpa and the events that took place with him in correlation of NASA, but I do feel those photos portray that sentiment better aside from just being more interesting.
  5. Vans6699Rowley

    Does Anyone Believe In Reciprocity?

    Thanks man. I have to say I'm really impressed with the outcome of this topic. At times I have thought that sp had given all it could offer up to me, but obviously not.
  6. Vans6699Rowley

    Does Anyone Believe In Reciprocity?

    Thanks man. Obviously some people do believe in reciprocity. Anyway I think that your point is a good one. It is in fact after I shot the photo that I must admittedly say I thought about it's significance, but I am going to start shooting photos with an idea before hand because I just feel it's a better way of doing things and that making up ideas afterwords is pretty weak. I am beginning to really get bored of just taking pictures to take pictures. Of course I will do that sometimes, but for the most part I'd like to think out my photos more because I think just being able to take good pictures is kind of worthless because a photo has so much potential that I feel is being wasted if you just shoot solely to make something that looks pleasing and nothing else. The color cast is just from the light and that's how it turned out. I talked about how I feel about that in the description of this photo. And for the record I don't post things on flickr as I would for a formal presentation of the pieces. So in a nutshell I agree with you and think that perhaps with a compelling title and a short description I could provoke alot of those same thoughts I expressed without words and a better execution.
  7. Vans6699Rowley

    Does Anyone Believe In Reciprocity?

    Alright thanks Andrew I'll try that. I'm pretty used to shooting sporadically, but I'd like to do whatever is needed to get better. Tito thanks for the reply and there's no need to qualify it by saying, "what do I know" because honestly I think every person' s point is one that deserves consideration regardless of how long they've been shooting or even if they don't shoot at all. So I guess what I'm saying is that you should feel confident in speaking your mind and if other people don't like what you have to say don't worry about it. I agree with what you're saying for the most part. On a different note something I would like to do sometime is publish a book with photos and commentary about why I took the photo and what it means to me and what inspired me to shoot it. However, that is a very long way off as I'm not nearly good enough at photography to do that right now or writing for that matter. So maybe I slipped into that mode a bit while writing about the flag. Edit: thanks for all the replies guys people can feel free to let this drop now if they don't have anything else to say I'm more than satisfied with this topic
  8. Vans6699Rowley


    I like the idea for this shot, but think that it would be more successful if you shot for it from a higher angle making a trail of M and M's going from out of focus to in focus slowly instead of what looks like just two layers right now. An in focus one and an out of focus one.
  9. Vans6699Rowley

    I Like Snow.

    I agree with Connor and Andrew about the first photo. And the second, but I think it could have been better if you did have an exact subject. With such busy photo it can work really well as the business contrasts so much with the subject as long as it's doesn't look busy which defeats the purpose of making it stick out from the hectic scene. On a few occasions I think that having photos depicting a complete scene as the subject is appropriate, but again I'm going to have to agree with Andrew because I don't think the pieces of the photo are interacting in a way that makes that this one of those rare exceptional scenes.
  10. Vans6699Rowley

    Does Anyone Believe In Reciprocity?

    Should have shot it with the 4x5.
  11. Vans6699Rowley

    Does Anyone Believe In Reciprocity?

    Andrew thanks for the further explanation. I get what you're saying. The time of day is a valid point, but this wasn't something I had planned on shooting...which is maybe something that I should do more often so I can utilize certain types of light to establish an even more defined outcome in my photos than I have previously. Also thank you for the encouragement I wish these places weren't so politically charged. I feel like kids don't want to comment me after disagreeing with Eric over point and shoot stuff. Sure I disagree about that with him, but it doesn't make me hate him and shouldn't because someone's opinion more often than not fails to accurately define the character of the person expressing it weather you agree or not. I also try to give people the benefit of the doubt that they are good people. I wish more people adhered to such a belief on this forum. Ha as far as tight images being stock I can see that because 50's are so popular with 35mm, but for me personally it is a feat to have a tighter image that I am pleased enough with to post up for critique because I actually like shooting wider, but don't have the funds at the moment to buy another lens. I will however keep that in mind. Eric I appreciate your comment too, but I couldn't really do anything about the black there and it's actually the result of an awning that was over the window not a bar....if you're talking about the space up at the top like I think you are. Edit:Longest reply ever? And to anyone who believes I think my explanation of the photo is making it better I don't so don't bother saying that. Rather I believe that it complements the photo and provides reason to believe that though this is a really standard photo it is different than other standard photos. This because it represents an American standard instead of just being something like a bucket which usually has no redeeming qualities.
  12. Vans6699Rowley

    Does Anyone Believe In Reciprocity?

    Andrew I thought the flag was pretty eye catching, but since it doesn't catch your eye I would like to know if there's anything in your mind that would make it more eye catching in your mind. For example a shallow depth of field. Tunebomb I can see what you're saying, but an not sure if I would like it brighter...it's definitely at the dim end of the "correct exposure" ideal that seems to be in every photographer's head. Thank you both for your comments. Ha and as far as reciprocity I was referring not to the flag, but about how I feel that I've contributed to this forum and tried my best to help others improve, but based on my last topic nobody seemed to feel the need to return the favor. Anymore comments and critiques would be very appreciated.
  13. Vans6699Rowley

    Does Anyone Believe In Reciprocity?

    Trying again. I decided that giving this photo some context would be appropriate. It was taken at a school through the window of a classroom. With that said I think the flag is a very powerful image as it can be seen in almost every classroom across the United States. Not only is it a sign of history, but a sign of the way in which America handles it's people. Ever since you are young they tell you how great of a country it is and talk about how your generation will be given the duty of maintaining the legacy of America the Great. I do not think these things are lies in the least, but something I wish we did do as a country is to educate people about the failures of our country not just the ways in which we succeed. Educating people in such a biased way I feel has led to a large amount of ignorance in some Americans. I love this country, but I am not so arrogant as to say that it is perfect. The day that all Americans believe that it is and that our problems aren't so big that they should be addressed is the day America will fall of which is something that some people are very concerned about. I have found myself hoping that America will return to a position of moral leadership where it should be, but only the future will tell. I just did a paper on the International Mine Ban in 1997 that Clinton refused to sign and it is things like these that I am always discovering that really hit home with me and make my hopes high that Obama will rally our country and live up to his promises. These are all things that the flag represents to me among limitless other things. c and c please.
  14. Vans6699Rowley

    Burlap Sack.

    This is a ton better than your last post. I like how you actually had a theme in mind when you shot it. I'd like to start doing more of that myself. Anyway after thinking about it for a long time and weighing things out in my head I decided I legitimately like this. If you didn't present and idea behind it as I read in your comment I don't know if my feelings would be the same though. Aside from that though it is an interesting picture because the light on the van and the fact that you're seemingly hiding behind a bush while taking this is thought provoking and actually presents an interesting feeling for such common objects. Can you or somebody else tell me what the deal is with taking pictures in which the subject is obscured by a bush or something like that? Why are people shooting shots like that? I'm just curious about it... Edit: Van works for me...watch Arlington Road the movie.
  15. Vans6699Rowley

    Dood, Tell Me That My P-i-c-s Are Good.

    I actually dig the first one. There's just a ton of stuff pointing towards the stitches there....light, scissors, the guy looking at them, his hand, shadows. It's a solid picture. I talked to Chris Latina for a while and he helped to open me up more to your style of shooting. In my mind regardless of what you think yourself having a point and shoot style and shooting point and shoot pictures is different. You walk that thin line and I think this picture is successful when I haven't been impressed with any of the other p and s stuff posted lately...I don't know if that inspired you to come back or what, but welcome back it has been a while. Anyway I like this one best the second on is kind of whatever and the third one doesn't appeal to me at all. I just feel that too much of the sand or whatever that is is being covered by the weeping willow.