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  1. you remind me of the reason it went to shit in the first place
  2. dick fitzwell

    Welcome Back - Read This First

    ah man please don't unmod me
  3. dick fitzwell

    Post your username changes

    starting from fresh i'm not sure i'd choose the name dick fitzwell but i think i'd miss it otherwise, can i go back please?
  4. dick fitzwell

    Fakie Flip

    nollie crook on the top step
  5. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    that's what i would've thought but
  6. dick fitzwell

    How To 4:3 Hd?

    that footage is pretty great looking why would you buy a t3i and then film at 480p?
  7. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    yes it is, and no sadly not, it's a pretty cheap one.
  8. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    i can't shoot any priority mode, auto ISO doesn't work either thanks, yes their from my D5200 and samyang 8mm. the outcome is not what i'm going for at all. it's fine up until the sun goes down, but that street is full of light. here's a shot of it to show what it should be looking like got you on the transitions, thanks. would still be good to know if there's another way round it so i can shoot without being present
  9. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    no, it's a fully manual lens so having the camera set to anything other than manual i get the "lens not attached" message not sure how possible that is. here's a test one i did today, i can't see how there's any exposure setting that would be reasonable throughout that whole timeframe. by day to night transition are you talking about using that iphone app or whatever that gradually changes the shutter speed?
  10. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    Does anyone have any advice for compensating for light changes while shooting timelapses with a manual lens? I want to shoot day to night lapses with my fisheye but only being able to shoot in manual mode on my cam means i can't set the shutter speed to change.