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    Happy 15th Birthday

    fuck yeah
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    Random Photo Discussion

    good to see some old family here. hopefully it pops back off again
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    Random Photo Discussion

    Oh hi tunebomb
  4. you remind me of the reason it went to shit in the first place
  5. UPDATE - THIS POST IS NOW VERY OUT OF DATE. PLEASE READ THROUGH THE RESPONSES IN THE THREAD IF YOU NEED MORE INFO POST 4000 YEAHHHHHHHHH Ok, probably 2 out of 3 threads in here are the same questions about compression for this or that and its pretty much ruined this forum, so hopefully this thread will put an end to all this crap and we can get back to talking about ramp slomos and serial numbers if you have anything to ask about compression FUCKING POST IN HERE, or even better read through the thread as its probably been answered ok so, where to start.... compressing is taking your full quality clip, and lessening the filesize, therefore making it lower quality. you can generally compress your clips straight out of your editing program, but this is also generally not the best method as other programs can do a better job. so if you want to use another program youll have to first export your video in full quality. exporting full quality this is the basic form of exporting a clip, you export it as the same format you capture it and you do this when you want to take the clip to another program, have a clip youve made, exporting for your final vid or whatever. PC users PCs deal in AVI, the windows video format. standard firewire capturing will capture in dv avi, but you can export as this, or as uncompressed avi. the latter will result in huge file sizes but will always retain quality, while dv avi will slightly reduce it if you have added any type of effect to the footage. in premiere file > export > movie from then you can click on settings and either keep the standard dv avi option, or change it to microsoft (uncompressed) avi. in vegas for dv avi - file > render as > video for windows AVI for uncompressed - file > render as > default template in movie maker choose 'save video to my computer' and when the export options come up choose other, then avi from the list from final cut (mac) macs use quicktime (mov) files. to export a full quality mov file choose file > export > quicktime movie. done in after effects (pc) Composition > add to render queue click on render settings, use these settings click on output module, and use these settings click on format options there if you want to switch between dv and uncompressed to choose where to save the file, click on output to and choose location and the name. Click render and sit tight. to keep these settings, click the dropdown button next to RS or OM and choose 'make template'. click edit and input the appropriate settings, then choose a name for your settings. up the top select 'movie default' and choose your new settings. these will now be the default for your clips. exporting for web this is the big one as you should have noticed, the full quality avi /mov files are huuuuge, way to big to put online. so you need to compress them as a rule of thumb files are compressed to mov, as you can get the best results using this format. the way this is done is by exporting full quality as above, and using a 3rd party program to compress the files, as they are designed more for this and so can achieve better results. for example, premiere pro has the option to export as mov, but youre never gonna get it how you want. so what to use... mpeg streamclip the most common one is mpeg streamclip, as its free. download this from www.squared5.com here are some decent settings to compress to a mov file (thanks RileyH) and some more settings from Kyle T example footage - youtube vimeo quicktime pro another cheap alternative, quicktime pro has an advantage of being able to cut clips down and drag them into others to export a number of clips as one. purchase from here for just $30 go to file > export and use the H.264 compression settings. here are some great ones QTP also has the ability to easily convert movs to avis, for users taking files from FCP into premiere or vegas. sorenson squeeze SS is the much more expensive option, but is seriously useful. the most common settings used are the infamous 'super settings'. they give a great quality, small file size mov file. Super Settings are best used when youre going to host the file in its original mov state, rather than on a site that converts to flash these settings can be downloaded from here (thanks to FellaFilmer) and imported into sorenson. to do that - -unzip the file you downloaded -in SS, under format and compression settings, click on quicktime -click on the '+' icon underneath -click import and select the xss file you just unzipped -the settings will be imported. choose a name at the top, and hit OK. these will now become an option in the list of quicktime presets alternatively, these settings can be manually inputted. use the same method as above, but instead of choosing import, enter all these settings. NOTE - IF YOURE IN NTSC REGION, CHANGE THE FRAME RATE TO 30, IF YOURE IN PAL LAND MAKE IT 25 note - with any of these web compression settings, you may want to up the bitrate a little if you are planning to upload to a site that will convert your file to flash Alot of sites, such as SP vids, convert to flash, so youre gonna want to have your vid a little higher quality than that. Heres some random settings i made that i use, feel free to try them and tweak them, just make sure to let me know your results! youtube compression youtube is a little different, as it is a pile of shit. the level of compression it puts on an uploaded clip is ridiculous, so you may want to compress it significantly less before uploading here. i'll leave this part open to contributions for the moment, but here are a few methods ive used. Full quality Youtube does allow for huge file sizes to be uploaded, so if you can, simply upload the original full quality file Sorenson Squeeze - The Full Quality Mov Method heres the SS settings i use for youtube uploading. this compression also gives you a very near full resolution mov file whilst still keeping a pretty good file size. input method is above again note the framerate for your region also set 'keyframe every' to 150 for NTSC, 125 for pal. just remember it as 5 times your regions framerate id say this result is pretty decent as far as youtube vids go. note - these are different from the first SS settings that were here when i made this thread. that actually gave a worse video with a larger file size! the movie maker way! i know right? i just finally got round to trying this. take your file into wmm, and simply save as 'best quality for playback on my computer. a very simple method that doesnt come out too bad at all considering. the file size is also good, making a 3:10 video just 40 mb while still looking good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- note - yes we know mikendo has some amazing youtube compression settings. hes not going to tell you what they are. give it up compressing for DVD video files need to be converted to MPEG2 before being burned to disc. BUT the files you take into your dvd program do not need to be mpeg2 files, as the program can convert them itself. so export as full quality avi or mov (as earlier) and take them to your program. that stops the files from needlessly being compressed twice. once they are in there higher end dvd programs such as encore will have transcode settings that you can tweak to get the best results. a full guide on using those are HERE NOTE - this is pretty incomplete at the moment. if anyone can contribute some more decent settings, especially settings for youtube from any program, or some settings for mpeg2 files through FCPs compressor, or just any other good shit, get it to me somehow so i can get it in here. i really wana make this a complete thread for compressing to end all these repetitive threads
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    Welcome Back - Read This First

    ah man please don't unmod me
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    Post your username changes

    starting from fresh i'm not sure i'd choose the name dick fitzwell but i think i'd miss it otherwise, can i go back please?
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    Fakie Flip

    nollie crook on the top step
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    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    Does anyone have any advice for compensating for light changes while shooting timelapses with a manual lens? I want to shoot day to night lapses with my fisheye but only being able to shoot in manual mode on my cam means i can't set the shutter speed to change.
  10. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    that's what i would've thought but
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    How To 4:3 Hd?

    that footage is pretty great looking why would you buy a t3i and then film at 480p?
  12. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    yes it is, and no sadly not, it's a pretty cheap one.
  13. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    i can't shoot any priority mode, auto ISO doesn't work either thanks, yes their from my D5200 and samyang 8mm. the outcome is not what i'm going for at all. it's fine up until the sun goes down, but that street is full of light. here's a shot of it to show what it should be looking like got you on the transitions, thanks. would still be good to know if there's another way round it so i can shoot without being present
  14. dick fitzwell

    Timelapse With Manual Lens

    no, it's a fully manual lens so having the camera set to anything other than manual i get the "lens not attached" message not sure how possible that is. here's a test one i did today, i can't see how there's any exposure setting that would be reasonable throughout that whole timeframe. by day to night transition are you talking about using that iphone app or whatever that gradually changes the shutter speed?
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    Mac Or Pc For Editing?

    "the computer is but merely a tool, its capabilities are in the hands of its master" - william shakespeare
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    What's The Difference Between The Panasonic Hvx200a And Hvx200e?

    that's correct yes. $600 is a good deal, but remember that P2 cards are fucking expensive. if it doesn't come with any you'll need to factor that in
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    Vx1000 60fps

    i don't get why anyone would insist on shooting vx but then ruin it by stretching / fucking with the framerate etc. surely the appeal of vx is the fact it isn't widescreen? if you don't like the black bars then buy an HD camera edit - stretched midget skating footage is amazing. if you're filming an edit of all midgets then stick with it
  18. dick fitzwell

    Mini Dv To Computer, Then To Vhs, Then To Computer.

    that's a good point, you don't actually need a tv haha. VCRs must all have scart cables, surely? plug the camera straight in to the VCR. you'll just have to do a little test to make sure it's recording
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    Beginner Questions

    thanks. ended up ordering one that stated it can run for 2 months shooting one shot every 5 minutes. i'll be on the site every few days anyway so can swap the batteries if needed. we shall see
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    Beginner Questions

    i want to shoot a timelapse over the course of a month, so need to buy an intervalometer for my nikon as it's shot limit is 999. only concern i have is that none of them seem able to run off a power supply. would a normal intervalometer last that long off two AA batteries?