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  1. justinboyle

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Bescor 50/100

    Dvx is pending. Offers on the mk2?
  2. justinboyle

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Bescor 50/100

    I need cash sorry.
  3. justinboyle

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Bescor 50/100

    Someone get this 1300 for everything id really like to get this rid this week. Someone get at me. Im also willing to split someone give me some offers
  4. justinboyle

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Bescor 50/100

    Nah you're not messing with it. Honestly I didn't know how much they go for. Like I said once I bought it I really never looked into pricing. Thanks for the heads up though. I would like to try for at least over 1000.
  5. justinboyle

    Fs: Dvx100a Mk2 Bescor 50/100

    Sorry I'm really just looking for money. I may be willing to spit depending on offers.
  6. As of right now this is a feeler. Also excuse my briefness to this post. I have whats in the title plus 2 batteries /charger and bag. The dvx has an approximate total of 30 hours of use. (not exactly sure im at work). Im trying to get a feeler for what someone would pay. I was thinking for the package somewhere in the ballpark of 1900 shipped. Not too sure if thats too high considering I havent looked at prices much and havent filmed since I bought the camera. The has been taken care of extremely well. The lens has never been hit the light was literally turned on once. Batteries hold a full charge. Ill post pictures tonight and edit the actual amount of hours. EDIT: Exact hours are 27 I thought about the price more than likely 1750 shipped for the package. Edit: I would really like to get rid of this 1650 shipped anyone? pics
  7. justinboyle

    Grand Turismo 5

    toyota 7. it's won in b spec. I dunno how to beat cote dazur though with any classic car though.
  8. justinboyle

    Grand Turismo 5

    I still can't beat all stars a-spec. I beat it b-spec today with the toyota minolta. When i tried a-spec i couldn't do it. I can't drive with the controller since i got a wheel. Since monday I haven't actually raced a-spec. all b-spec so i can grind american champ.
  9. justinboyle

    Grand Turismo 5

    This game isn't a racing sim. It's a driving sim. I really never saw a problem with the zonda. It's always been fairly easy to control and it sticks like crazy for me. Tires do wonders in this game.
  10. justinboyle

    Grand Turismo 5

    Tune the zonda and it will handle better than the nascar does.
  11. justinboyle

    Grand Turismo 5

    It makes the car a lot lighter, Puts an aero kit on it, and makes the car more rigid. then you sink a ton of cr into it to make it even faster. the zr1rm is incredibly quick but like reppinlocal said it is slower than some of the cars you race. If the 2D chapparel(sp) car is infront of you, youre better off restarting the series. which is not a big deal since the first shows who starts where.
  12. justinboyle

    Grand Turismo 5

    I cannot beat all stars shits hard. Plus after the last 660mb update my zr1 rm handles like shit. I cant even grind indy on american champ with it.
  13. justinboyle

    Adult Beverages Thread

    I love IPAs Anything from church brew works is good. I normally go for thunderhop though. dales pale ale. Only comes in cans Smuttynose IPA. crooked tree IPA. extremely good. I tried it for the first time last night. It was amazing. when it comes to liquor I don't normally drink it. I've got a bottle of kraken and a bottle of jager sitting on my desk both of which I bought in august. Neither are open still.
  14. justinboyle

    No Shave November/novembeard

    I'm in for it ill post a pic here after class.
  15. justinboyle

    The Nhl Thread

    new arena can't wait to go to a few games. The pens deserved a new one before the pirates.