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  1. steeznfonoreason

    Frontside Flip

    you don't need the sign in there. shoot a plate and get the filmer out. shadows on the skater are weird. doesn't need to be vertical. timing on the catch is off.
  2. steeznfonoreason

    Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    flash is entirely too hot. timing is too early. flash doesn't have enough spread/is too close to the subject.
  3. steeznfonoreason


    entirely too much space. shadow on the face isn't chill. looks like a fakie flip.
  4. steeznfonoreason

    Backside 5050 rail

    no headphones. he's not muska. underside of the rail is too hot.
  5. steeznfonoreason

    Frontboard Pole-jam..

    Oscar Candon. frontboard jam into bank.
  6. steeznfonoreason

    Gap To Nosegrind

  7. steeznfonoreason

    Forrest Edwards - Kickflip Fs5050

    Have at it!
  8. steeznfonoreason

    B/s Flip & Street Gap Ollie.

    if i cropped it at the second step then everything would have been too cramped and i wouldn't have been able to place him where i wanted in the frame horizontally speaking and he'd probably be centered in the frame. as for the ollie, i wanted it busy and messy and loose but i respect your thoughts.
  9. steeznfonoreason

    Nyc Hurricane (sp Member "j")

    love these.
  10. steeznfonoreason

    Anyone Know Where This Is Located?

    any ideas are welcome. THANKS!