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  1. BlakeWollersheim

    Camera Stock Sale!

  2. BlakeWollersheim


    cuz hes glo'd the fuck up niga
  3. BlakeWollersheim

    Wtb T2i

    i got a 60d setup if your interested in a bit of an upgrade from a t2i?
  4. BlakeWollersheim

    Camera Sold On Ebay

    Thanks homiezz
  5. BlakeWollersheim

    Camera Sold On Ebay

    Posted selling for Canon 60d on ebay and it got bought thru Buy It Now within 2 days of the posting. A ebay user messaged me on November 15th saying... "hi.. how are you? i hope you are well i am from Turkey and i would like to buy a D-slr camera like yours.. i have a friend in usa/los angeles.. he is a student.. he can contact you through ebay.. anyway.. i have a few questions about your camera.. how long have you been using this camera? when did you buy it? how much shots have you take since now? can you consider some discount?" The camera later sold on the 16th to a member named, Kenneth Myers. This guy some how got my phone number, (i dont know if thats possible thru ebay), and texted my phone saying, "hello, i bought your item (#######) as a birthday gift, send me a paypal money request from paypal Or send me the email address where i will send the payment, i will be responsible for the shipping cost. Regards. Kenneth Myers. I cannot tell if it will be sketchy for me to give him the "email" or "paypal money request" so what do you guys suggest i do in order to receive the money safely and have no issues?
  6. BlakeWollersheim

    Wtb: Canon Rebel T2i (body Only)

    Ive got a 60d if your interested
  7. Interested in trades? I have a great condition Canon 60d setup. 18-135mm lens, charger, battery, and 16gb sd card
  8. BlakeWollersheim

    Vx1000 Fucked

    record that on your tape for sum B-ROLLLL!
  9. BlakeWollersheim

    What Computer To Get

    Im looking to get a computer for editing. Might go with like a mac mini and a nice monitor. The problem is I don't know what which one to get. I want to get a computer that will be able to hold all my stuff and handle the editing i'm going to be doing. I do have a 2TB hard drive so that will help but I still want a decent size so what would you guys recommend for capacity options as far as ram and what not
  10. BlakeWollersheim

    First Mini Dlsr Edit

    was that Huntington Beach?
  11. BlakeWollersheim

    480p Hd Clips...

    Looks kind like dvx to me
  12. BlakeWollersheim


    Is it like skipping frames at all or does it just have this colored appearance. I had a similar type of problem in the past and Kerry said that it could be a, "solder fracture in the video circuit" but the problem I was experiencing could be completely different so just send Kerry @ VE an email with this picture or a clip of the problem and see what he says back.
  13. BlakeWollersheim

    Playback Buttons And Sound

    You should be avoiding playing back on the vx or capping footy. Its really bad for the camera! Just buy a cheap Mini Dv camera for a cap cam and you'll be good.
  14. BlakeWollersheim

    Julian Lewis Merica

    How old is this kid?