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  1. thanks for the kind words, guys. the second photo would be nothing without those dreads.
  2. joshkatz

    Boardslide To Fakie, 3 Shuv, Boneless To Fakie

    wow I love that 360 shove shot!
  3. I'd love to get some critique on my work. Here are some of my favorite shots from recent shoots. I've been pretty into long exposures lately. 360 flip, Nollie Inward Heel, and Switch Pivot to Regular
  4. joshkatz

    Front Tail Handrail

    thoughts? any critique would be greatly appreciated, especially on flash placement! Front Tail Fakie Ollie
  5. joshkatz

    Nosepick Sewer Quarterpipe

    I just recently got some pocketwizards and started shooting with off camera flashes. Any suggestions/criticism on composition, flash placement, and editing for this photo would be greatly appreciated! http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5336/9110878799_b533c54fee_o.jpg