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  1. Breadnbutter

    Canon 24-105 F4 Vs Sigma 17-50 F2.8

    i would keep my dslr filming to stills / pans / fisheye and not zooming leave that for the hvx its going to be noticeably even with my 24-105 i dont usualy zoom with it, i think its fairly sharp
  2. Breadnbutter

    P2 Workflow

    with my hvx i just mark after the clips i want to keep delete everything i dont want off my p2 cards then just import through final cut and rename when you export from there
  3. Breadnbutter

    The Sg Video

    hell yeah !!
  4. Breadnbutter

    Critique My Gun Shot Effect?

    maybe a little smaller flame its not a very big gun but it looked nice
  5. Breadnbutter

    New Dvx200

    haha that is my point man you cant film fish from that far away just have quick reaction time your worried about a lcd getting hit and my point is that you shouldnt be letting your camera get hit in the first place be prepared to avoid a board always and you wont have to worry about the lcd being on the top of the camera which i still think isnt a bad spot for it
  6. Breadnbutter

    New Dvx200

    Ur an idiot grow up and learn how to protect your gear
  7. Breadnbutter

    Wtb Laptop For Vx1000 Uploading And Editing

    Got a Mbp no battery but works with the power cord I'll get the specs when I'm home I think it's a 2.63 ? Processor 4 gig ram ? Fcp after effects Lightroom 500$
  8. Breadnbutter

    New Dvx200

    well then by that means using a fisheye in general is stupid and in " the danger zone " if your using your hand strap use your vf simple as that and you should b quick enough to get your camera out of danger ive taken boards to the head to avoid my camera getting hit just do what you gata honestly a lcd on the top makes more sense will b easier to check framing when filming lines i think and honestly its not a big deal ether way you should never let your camera get it but i mean it does happen
  9. Breadnbutter

    Mic. Question

    I've got an opteka mic and I think it's good I use ml too so I can adjust it as needed easier than opening it up and adjusting the levels maybe try getting ml
  10. Breadnbutter

    New Dvx200

    I know a kid who worked on that I'll ask him but I'm pretty sure he has a hvx but maybe he got to use a red for it
  11. Breadnbutter

    Assignment Suggestions & Discussion

    filmming assignments could help your full length making you film things certain ways you might be like damn i like how that shot looked ima use it at this spot or something haha im looking for any reason to get these back in the game
  12. Breadnbutter

    Assignment Suggestions & Discussion

    how manny people do we need to get together to start these back up mods ?
  13. Breadnbutter

    Random Photo Discussion

    i am the liquor
  14. Breadnbutter

    Beginner Questions

    haha i thought he looked kinda drugged out
  15. Breadnbutter

    Using A Step Up Ring For A Fisheye?

    edges looked soft and the lens flare is kinda weird but it is wide