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  1. Daniel Hasson

    Should I Return This Vx

    I haven't owned a VX in a while, but my VX1 did that a few years back and I just used cotton bud dipped very very lightly in pure alcohol (paint thinner kind of stuff) and swabbed the heads and the amount of dirt that came off was crazy. About 6 months later I had to send it off to have the heads repaired so doing what I suggested may just delay the problem. Or you could get a quote from a company that fixes VX's (EG VE - they have their own skateperception account) to see what they think the issue is. This is probably a better idea than what I did.
  2. Daniel Hasson

    Best Hd Setup $1500?¿

    I used to only film VX1/MK1 and hated the idea of filming with a DSLR. But I eventually sold my VX setup and had already bought a Canon DSLR for short films I made for college and for photography. They take a bit of getting used to if you have come from the digital video side of filming but so do all cameras when you first start using them. I would say it is worth investing in a good handle (eazy handle or the opteka version of the eazy), a fisheye, a mic, a zoom lens and if you can, a 50mm prime. I prefer only using prime lenses but read reviews, look at videos and see what you think would work for you. BobbyB is right about expanding your horizon.
  3. Daniel Hasson

    Og Film.

    It should be fine. Just shoot if you've got access to loads of film and you want to learn. This is a perfect situation for you.
  4. Daniel Hasson

    Garbage Disposal #2

    Sick video. Sound of the skating is slightly too loud.
  5. Daniel Hasson

    Capturing Issues.

    When watching the footage on your computer, is there an option to start the capture and finish the capture. That way you only get the specific footage that you want (EG just one line or a single, not the entire tape). This should be available to do. Also it wouldn't recognize the beginning and end (as in when you hit record to start filming and when you hit record to stop filming).
  6. Daniel Hasson

    Something That You Probabaly Wont Like

    Yeah sounds stupid haha. Thanks, glad you liked it. I've got a lot of work and going to university soon and going out and skating (and more to the point, filming) is becoming harder and harder so I don'tsee myself being able to film anything in the future. Still got a ton of stuff on harddrives I need to make into videos though.
  7. YES its a park part so if that actually really puts you off then don't read any further. Anyway I had a lot of fun making this and will probabaly we be the last skate video I make. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Some clips that I filmed at night have some noise issues as my 600D/T3i doesn't have the best low light cababilities. So some night time shots have got noticible noise. Not hugely noticible, but I would rather just try and reduce it. I saw in a video ( around 9mins in) Mike Manzoori talking about a plugin he bought for around $100. I was wondering if there is anyway that is already in FCP7 (the programme I am using to edit) rather than having to buy it. I know paying for a plugin is my best bet, but I on;y need this for one edit and don't really have the money to spend. So any of you guys know a way that is free that is already within FCP7. I do use AE CS5 as well if there is any way to do it on there. Thanks, Dan Hasson
  9. Daniel Hasson

    Full Length Clips Vs Throwaway Clips

    Make some B Sides footy after you release your full length that has the toe touch clip. I prefer those to throwaway montages. But that's just my opinion.
  10. Daniel Hasson

    Brutal Century Xtreme Lens Hit

    To cold for skategarden.
  11. Daniel Hasson

    Vx1 Or Vx2 Situation

    Just repair the VX2k because you could sell that, and end up buying a VX1k that could break soon after you buy it and then you'd have to end up repairing that.
  12. Daniel Hasson

    A Big Flipkick

    Not a criticism on you, but it would have been sick into the transition.
  13. Daniel Hasson

    Its A Fucking Really Big Switch Ollie

    Such an amazing shot. The cars don't ruin it in any way.
  14. Daniel Hasson

    Bs Noseblunt & Pole Jam

    I wish. I'm just saying that I agree with 'anthonymast3rson' that it doesn't look like he got into it so I think a sequence would be cool
  15. Daniel Hasson

    Bs Noseblunt & Pole Jam

    Sequence on the last one would have been better.