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  1. yeahdawgcool

    Backside Flip

    super nice. Was too distracted by how cool everything looks (laces match the wheel color) to notice the board dipping behind the ledge.
  2. yeahdawgcool


    boardslide shot isnt amazing me. dont know if its the angle or focal length or the spot or what.. but the security guard shot is great.
  3. yeahdawgcool

    Faking Iso In Point And Shoots

    http://www.japancamerahunter.com/2014/04/hack-film-change-dx-coding/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DX_encoding#Reading_DX_codes Thanks DRIP. I was about to try cutting the code off an old canister of the speed i wanted and gluing it over the other canister.. might have worked. definitely would have sliced my fingers.
  4. Say I want to push some film in a camera with auto iso detection (one of those reads-the-film-canister-code-things).. anyone have any ideas on this?
  5. yeahdawgcool

    [] <> []

    2 & 3 are cool. the shadows in #2 - and the reflections in #3. but crop off the black edges if they aren't even and on all sides.
  6. yeahdawgcool


    PS just saw your flickr and everything in there is super good.
  7. yeahdawgcool


    I like the weird look of the photo.. did you brush the developer on the paper? the overexposed-ness of it is hard to get past.. plus the big un-developed chunk on the left is making it look even more blown-out..
  8. yeahdawgcool

    Summer Time Vibes

    1st one is cool, but 2nd one is way cooler. (2nd one is A PLUS GOLD STAR) only thing that would have the 2nd one better is.. better posing? Girl's body looks wonky: but I highly doubt either of you were focused on model pose shit. What'd you shoot these with?
  9. yeahdawgcool


    I think just moving your flash would make this super rad (its already rad, but that shadow on the face.. and the lighting is a bit weird overall IMO). Get that flash up super high on a stand or something. Also I find the reflections on that back wall (from the flash on the windows) pretty distracting.
  10. yeahdawgcool


    Second pic is really cool. The way the shadows bounce around all over is rad. dark cold colors with that light is rad.
  11. yeahdawgcool

    Bronx And Manhattan

    effing aye, the first one is cool.
  12. yeahdawgcool

    Ay Dios Mio

    hot fuego. your skill for taking daytime shots in the city are tops dawg.
  13. yeahdawgcool


    virgin suicides vibes. (read too much of that spam thinking someone was being artsy before i realized it was spam)
  14. yeahdawgcool

    Some Downtown Shots.

    motion blur. best work around is knowing when you're better off not shooting with flashes. If the flash isnt going to make the photo better.. dont use them. I generally dont bother with flashes when the sun is out, and if you have an idea for a cool shot WITH flashes, go back when the sun is going down.
  15. yeahdawgcool

    Bs Tailslide

    So good. I've been wondering what the 35 looked like.. but damn it's expensive.