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  1. Filmed mostly in Saigon in the south of Vietnam, our supposed short stay turned into a two and a half year battle to consume as much cheap alcohol and avoid the endless supply of mentally defective security guards. Theres no energy drink sponsors, tour vans or HD time lapses. Just toe drags, Banh Mi's and interracial gang bangs. https://vimeo.com/145722375
  2. All good got it working in the end
  3. Full length Saigon Scene video if anyones keen? https://vimeo.com/145722375

  4. Cheers mate, shame i can't remember the export settings. Ill post the full video when its done. I did a quicktime movie test export but the quality is lacking. Size- 3804,120,344 bytes Dimensions- 720 x 576 codects- Linear PCM H.264 Duration- 37mins. Thanks
  5. Just in standard dvd players, nothing fancy because 95% of people don't watch DVD's anymore. Would I have to export 2 different versions of the video, one for online streaming and one for DVD's? Thanks.
  6. Sorry I know this question has been asked a lot but what are the best export settings for a film mostly shot with a vx2000 but also has some HD and VHS footage in there aswell? I used to live with another filmer and he used to do all the export settings for me. There isn't much HD about 1 minute all together. The video is 37 mins long and i wanted to upload it to Vimeo and maybe have a couple of DVDS for the shop. Here is the trailer which is also a mix of DV/HD/VHS mix I can't remember what settings were used to export this from final cut 7 and then on to Vimeo. Many Thanks
  7. GlueBag

    Sony Vx2000 Export Settings.

    Sorry I know this question has been asked a lot but what are the best export settings for VX2000pal from finalcut7? The only problem is there is some HD and VHS footage in the video aswell. I used to live with another filmer and he used to do all the export settings for me. There isn't much HD about 1 minute all together. The video is 37 mins long and i wanted to upload it to Vimeo and maybe 3 DVDS for the shop. Here is the trailer to get what i mean about the DV/HD/VHS mix. Many thanks.
  8. All my big clips are on another hard drive and I transferred a single clip to a friends computer and it plays through fine. Must be something on my laptop. Any ideas? Its stuttering still on my laptop.
  9. Ive recently been experiencing my clips becoming glitchy and choppy the next day after uploading them the previous night. I understand that quicktime sometimes freezes but it does the same in Final Cut. When one of the clips was playing fine I exported it to .mov to see if that worked, it played fine then the next day the same problem. These are all new clips, my old clips from about 6months ago don't glitch and play through fine. My mac doesn't have the port for the capture cam so all my clips are from an external hard rive in AVI format then using MPEGSTREAM_CLIP I export them to DV format. Only new clips from the last week are doing this and I've transferred many videos to another hard drive to see if my mac was having trouble coping with so many DV files but the problem continued. Any one have any ideas, or is my mac slowly dying? It does take about 10 minutes to boot. Cheers Kane.
  10. My sony vx1000 has had some major problems last month due to VAP damage from filming in Vietnam rainy season (it was really humid). Anyway Prior to it going all blurry and weird i filmed over 19 hours of footy. We didn't have a capture cam so we only viewed back the footage if it was a land, and NEVER used it to capture footy. So i know everything was there. A friend sent over an old capture cam from the uk, but it was knackered so i got new heads put in the capture cam here in Vietnam (It saves to just have them replaced than searching and haggling for ages to get cheap mini dv cameras). Anyway all the footy on the mini dv tapes that were filmed with the vx1000 are showing up as blurry/glitchy as if the heads in the capture cam are fucked but if you record using the capture cam they work fine. My sony vx got sent to Japan and the VAP got replaced and was working fine, but i got robbed last week so i no longer have the VX so i cant even have a quick peek to see if the tapes play fine on the vx. Everything that was filmed after the VAP was replaced was in the bag that got stolen. So i cannot check any of the new footy filmed with the vx. Need help with this one, don't want to loose 19 hours of footy.
  11. I have just received my Sony Vx1000 back from Japan from being repaired. The main problem before was the VAP was damaged due to moisture from filming on a very humid day in Vietnam. Well ive had the camera back for less than a few hours and no footy is being recorded onto the tape. I filmed for 45-50 mins and the tape is blank. Not even a glitch. The timer counts up as it does when you record, but when you stop the tape the number's return to -.-.-.-.-.-. as if i had not pressed record. Played back an old tape, footy was fine. This was one of the reasons why i sent it to get repaired. I mentioned this problem before i sent it back and he said "The heads will be professionally cleaned as well as VAP being replaced.". So if its not the heads and its not the VAP i've just sunk $200. Tonight was cool and clear so i know it is not moisture damage. Brand new sony premium tape also.
  12. Is there any way of repairing it myself? There are hundreds of camera repair shops here in HCMC but the majority of them don't speak any english, i can get my friends to translate but it will still be a hassle.
  13. After filming a night session my Sony VX1000 started being blurry. All the settings were fine- white balance/shutter speed/ aperture was all set and was working fine. Even when everything is on auto the image looks grainy and blurry. It looks as if there is condensation in the viewfinder. We played back an old tape and the footy looks fine. Recorded onto a new tape and the footy is all blurry and hazy. After fiddling around with shutter speeds, ND filters etc thinking it must be something i have accidentally pressed, the image in the viewfinder went black but all the icons in the viewfinder remained. The camera was taken to a camera repairman but he just said the lens was old. I live in Vietnam so translation can be difficult. Im not sure if its a possible ribbon cable problem, its been working fine up untill this point,(Apart from dirty head problems) it has not been dropped or had a lens hit from a board. The image in the viewfinder miraculously came back a few hours after it had gone black but the image is still blurry and grainy. My VX is Japanese so I do not know all the settings in the "menu".