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  1. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Flash Strobes?

    well the sunlight is whats too harsh, and my external flash wasnt doing the damage i thought it would
  2. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Flash Strobes?

    Thanks for giving me hella info! haha i honestly have no idea when it comes to strobes and just sounds ectremely complicated. I shoot a lot of streetwear and portraits more than skateboarding, and i've been out the skate game a bit when it comes to shooting photos. I've used my external flash which is a Neewer that is capable of using HSS with my Neewer triggers. Never knew about flash durations, but it makes a lot of sense since you've explained a lot lol. i'd rather not use any corded stuff as i'm always on the go, plus i have a pt time job so mad expensive stuff won't work for me :/ will definitely look into all this stuff you sent my way for sure !
  3. TwoGirlsOneEric

    The Lowsquad Video

    YOOOO! I released this throwaway video summer of this year, it was my biggest skate project yet. consists of a lot of old footage from when i first started filming back in 2013-14. it'd be rad if you guys can check it out thanks ya'll!
  4. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Flash Strobes?

    What's up guys! I've been shooting a lot of skateboarding photos lately instead of filmiing and i've been using a neewer high speed sync external flash with triggers. sometimes the light can be too harsh and you cannot see the effect that the flash has, even with brand new or charged batteries. So basically i'm looking for anything affordable when it comes to Strobes. I've never used strobes before so i don't really know what i'm supposed to be using with it when it comes to batteries and using it outside and all that. if anyone has any suggestions on what i can go look at that'd be rad and i'd appreciate it! i'll have some links to something i'm looking at but i'm not 100% sure if they're gonna do the job. I'll also post a link to my flickr so you can see the type of photos i wanna be shooting http://ebay.to/21Y7xiL flickr.com/ericdanielphoto thank you in advance yall!
  5. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Flash Photography Starter Kit?

    Dude I really appreciate all your input!! I'm buying the receivers you recommended and I'm picking up a neweer flash!! thank you so much
  6. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Flash Photography Starter Kit?

    I've been getting into taking photos a lot more often. I'm a videographer, and this while transition on choosing flashes, transmitters and all is so confusing. I've been looking online for a good set up but I really have no clue. I just want something that I can have high speed sync and all that stuff. I don't have the money to buy strobes at the moment, so I'm leaning more toward the affordable speed lite that has enough juice during the day. I'm using a canon t3i if that makes a difference at all. I've got about 250 to spend, even though that might not be enough considering what I'm asking for haha. But anything helps. I'd really appreciate it guys!! Thank you!!
  7. TwoGirlsOneEric


    What's up SP! Just finished my full-length throwaway video featuring all of my friends. This is all old footage i filmed when i first started until sometime in fall last year, so a year's worth of footage! full of hi-jinx, freestyling, bails and more! Show it to you mothers, grandmas, uncles, your cats and dogs, baby sister, the guy at 711 etc! Hope you guys enjoy it!
  8. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Front Smith

    this is insane! what were your cam settings to manage to get these shots?
  9. TwoGirlsOneEric


    Here's something i whipped up in October. Any feedback or critiquing is appreciated!
  10. Normally whenever i right clikck to add a cross dissolve between clips, it allows me to. but i've noticed that SOMETIMES when i'm trying to add one it just does no add one. do i have something hidden? or is there something that needs to be check before so i can add the dissolve?????? it's so frustrating
  11. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Day To Night Montage

    So basically, i've been filming for about five months. The first time i posted on here was 2 months ago. I've posted my first video ever filmed and edited 2 months ago and you can view that either on my profile or my channel to see the progression. Everyone says they really like this video so here it is. I put effort into this one, so let me know what you think? Thanks guys! My youtube player is kinda flickering, so im not sure if it will flicker on yours? but i didnt add a flickering effect if you see one. haha
  12. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Asking About Microphones? Read This First

    i have like a audio technica pro someshit. hardly any hiss really, considering you cant hear it out skateboarding. for like 57 bucks.
  13. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Skateboarding All The Time

    Yeah i noticed this when i looked everything over. i have been getting tips from my friend george who films Adrian Herrera and Steven Fernandez. He's helped me out a lot actually and i think even before i started filming i got the hang of it lol because he gave me a lot of tips before i got my camera.
  14. TwoGirlsOneEric

    Skateboarding All The Time

    thanks guys, I was just trying out something new. I'm just trying to get different than a lot of ppl out there who use trap music and just sync clips ETC. I'm trying to get better through everyones judgment on my stuff and im glad to seethat people take time to help me out.
  15. TwoGirlsOneEric

    How To Intern For A Company?