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  1. Jay-Cub


    Dear SP, It's been a long while since I've posted here. I miss you guys! Anywho I just wanted to inform y'all of my recent Transworld Proofsheet. Let me know what you think! Take care. http://skateboarding.transworld.net/photos/proof-sheet-jacob-romero/
  2. Jay-Cub

    Switch O

    Ahhh I've been there before, and I for one dig the distortion! I've always dug your colors, you can handle those blue skies! 2 Flashes for this one? Camera left and right?
  3. Jay-Cub

    Front Feeble & Back Lip

    Hahah you're the best!
  4. Jay-Cub

    Front Feeble & Back Lip

    I think it's just the way I process it, after lightroom I run it through levels in photoshop and boost the lights. I'll tone it down! Hahaha yeah I always give him a hard time for not being able to ollie high enough for certain spots. This one he barely dinked it. Thanks bud! I would've loved to frame him in the sky more but I was already laying on the ground. Camera left was at 1/4th power with 0.7 ev, camera right at 1/4th
  5. Jay-Cub

    Front Feeble & Back Lip

    Wasn't super stoked on this, came out decent I feel like. Back Lip! Critique always appreciated.
  6. Jay-Cub

    Front Smith

    Had a cool idea but there's too much tree in this most definitely.It's more than 3/4 of the frame. It might have worked with a longer focal length. However you should definitely include more of the skater and obstacle. Diggin' the lighting though!
  7. Jay-Cub

    Fs 5-0

    Auto is a four letter no-no in photography. The sooner you step out of the "auto" realm you'll be a much better photographer at least in a technical sense. Manual gives you much more creative control. Also when shooting skating or anything action related you never want to be under 1/500th. There are exceptions but they're only relative to creative control.
  8. Jay-Cub

    Kickflip Fifty & A Front Lip Fakie

    Yeah I agree with you on that one! I'm sure if I put in a bit of work I could shop that out.
  9. Always appreciate crit from y'all!
  10. Jay-Cub

    Front 180's And Darkstall's

    Regular! It's in Mesa!
  11. Jay-Cub

    Any Photographers On Tumblr?

  12. Jay-Cub

    Front 180's And Darkstall's

    I wasn't sure how I felt about it haha but thank you a ton! Thanks I actually didn't notice it fully until you mentioned it! Thanks bud! I was pretty bummed on how I shot it at first but your comments have definitely made me kinda like it!
  13. Jay-Cub

    Front 180's And Darkstall's

    Front 180 Darkstall. I feel as if I should have gone fish this one though.
  14. Jay-Cub

    Front Lippin' In Lbc

    He gapped to it, hopefully this one portrays it better? Front Lip 2nd Angle by Jay-Cub Photo, on Flickr
  15. Jay-Cub

    Front Lippin' In Lbc

    I really want a crit of this. For those of you who know this rail, know that it's got knobs that people gap past, but otherwise does it show? and I also want to know if I should have shot before he got on the rail? Thanks y'all!!!