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  1. harrykidman

    B&w Vs Colour

    I cant even tell what he is doing ? ? ? nollie flip ? ?
  2. harrykidman

    Gnarly Nose Yank

    footage is being saved
  3. harrykidman

    Gnarly Nose Yank

    Yeh over the bit of grass into the little metal bank
  4. This idea was originally for my friends Uni project (which he got A+ for) but I came down and filmed my own edit of it aswel haha, check it!
  5. harrykidman

    Street Montage! Bs Lip 11 Stair Etc.

    Haha Cheers for the feedback anyway. I only used it the 2nd time to make some time up while the song was chill. And to be honest I had no clue if it used more internet or not it just takes 2x as long and I'm impatient.
  6. harrykidman

    Street Montage! Bs Lip 11 Stair Etc.

    Thanks for the feedback! Ill look into getting some weights for the back of my handle and a mic
  7. harrykidman

    Street Montage! Bs Lip 11 Stair Etc.

    Pretty sure I said I like VX Footy better then HD.. Uploading in HD uses to much internet. sorry m8
  8. Check it out. if ur gonna be a vx fan boy and hate on hd don't even bother, I agree vx footy looks better but hd is far more reliable. Thanks
  9. harrykidman

    Kinky Bs Lip ;)

    Thoughts? http://www.flickr.com/photos/hharryphotos/9256042259/