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  1. Tommy40666

    Shooting In Sd 640x424

    Thanks dudes, I have been shooting on high resolution 640X424 (compared to 'normal' 6X4) so this is the max resolution I can get in 6X4. The footage as always looks pretty good full screen but as soon as I render it I'm loosing 3/4ths the quality and youtube takes the rest… Could you guys give me some random render settings to try while I got you? What type of file do I want the completed project to be ideally?? I think I've just been using Mp4 with default 480p render settings. And even downloading a compression program can't help this mess? Thanks for the help dudes. edit mmm better? Or am I just lost? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5goXFqsJaD8
  2. Tommy40666

    Shooting In Sd 640x424

    Im shooting with a full frame nikkor fisheye on a nikon dslr and have been filming mostly in high quality sd 640x424. I like how it doesn't give me as much dead space as you would in 1080p. Im trying to get my footage onto youtube and am having trouble achieving any better quality than this… not skateboarding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsalSHlKeKw
  3. Tommy40666

    Film Burn In 2016

    Is anybody still using film burn? Or is it new age glitch tech? I could use a low key .m4v film burn file to play with if anybody could help a fello out?
  4. Tommy40666

    D5100 Command Dial No Longer Working.

    I remember when you came to SP for tech nerd advice, not witty responses. wd40?
  5. Tommy40666

    D5100 Command Dial No Longer Working.

    So I buy a $400 fisheye for my nikon and the command dial stops working the next day… Tried different lens and nothing can't even scroll through review mode with it.
  6. Tommy40666


    Working on a rig similar to the Navi/Eazy handle idea, but instead of just two metal stabilizers in the back with a hot shoe in the front... I'm going to beef it up slightly and experiment with two MORE metal stabilizers in the front that could protect the camera body/lens from board hits or what ever else coming at your from the front Ideally the rig would feel and be the size very similar to a DVX type camera once your dslr is in it. Picture if you turned your dslr backwards in the navi handle and you had enough clearance for a fisheye to not be affected by the metal stabilizers holding the top and bottom plates, as well as added two more stabilizers behind it. Thats my goal.
  7. Tommy40666

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    …Bought it, shit iz sick.
  8. Tommy40666

    Random Vx Footy

    filming got better after you smoked weed, liked this vibe
  9. Tommy40666

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    So I'm pretty sure I'm buying this Nikkor Fisheye for my Nikon d5100 in 5 hours. Can I expect a difference in distortion/sharpness that you would in comparison from a "Manybrand-VS-Nikkor"? https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pho/5411086463.html Im trying to wrap my head around if my d5100 has all the stuff it takes to play excellent with this lens, which is why I'm kind of sweating this purchase. From what I'm reading this is a full frame lens and the d5100 is a full framed body so I can expect the max distortion correct? Was just trying to work my way through horrible beach horizon photos with this lens and it started to turn me off to buying it.
  10. Whats an easy no bs file sharing site that will keep my footage coming out crispy on the other end?
  11. Tommy40666

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    -Forgot to mention, you can't shoot more than 30fps on a nikon d51000 among other frustrating limitations. I ranted all about this on the last page. But quality/vintage glass does make it less of a headache to use. So the past two days I have found a Canon Rokinon for $180 and Nikkon Nikkor fisheye for $400 locally... So I could go with the Nikon nikkor fish and have better quality glass/distortion but still shoot frustratingly in 30fps with current camera (or at least I upgrade to better Nikon body down the road…) Or find a t3i... and buy the Rokinon FE8M-C 8mm fisheye for 180 I also found locally in the mean time.
  12. Not the biggest fan of dslr fisheyes but would like to see some quality footage with your run of the mill "t3i X many brand fish" setup. Youtube is just giving me unboxing videos with shaky test footage, I want to see what this kit can do with the right person behind the lens.
  13. Tommy40666

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    Eh, its doable but if filming conditions are not great you end up with a ton of either subject or background blur. Mind you this is also with the kit lens, working with what I got… I just found my dads old vintage Nikkor-H Auto 1:35 f2.8cm off of a Nikon F and switch my camera to manual and it actually works great, and reduces a lot of motion blur by 65-70%. But even in the manual setting on the D5100 you lack any control over most of the settings. You can really only change white balance, set up locked exposure with AE-L, it really makes you work for quality footage…
  14. Tommy40666

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    Is it because theres not really that many options for dslr video on the nikon market? Just trying to work with what I got…