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  1. Zachcruz

    T3i To D5200

    i dont want a vx i need something that can take pictures too
  2. Zachcruz

    T3i To D5200

    i currently have a t3i that i use for filming and pictures. im thinking of switching to a d5200 because it shoots at 24mp and 1080p at 60 fps while the t3i is only 1280p at 60fps and 18mp. should i switch or is there a downside to the d5200
  3. Zachcruz

    Need Help With Using Flash, Why Is This Happening?

    my shutter speed was too high
  4. i just bough this flash, i was taking some test shots in my room, this happens every time/ im using a rokinon fisheye
  5. Zachcruz

    Give Me Something To Edit!

    give me a clip :-)
  6. Zachcruz

    Give Me Something To Edit!

    hey, it could be me just not getting a good enough shot
  7. Zachcruz

    Give Me Something To Edit!

    i would but none of my friends are good enough, i don't mean to sound like a dick but,
  8. Zachcruz

    Give Me Something To Edit!

    i dont care if its a picture, or clips, i just want to edit something!
  9. Zachcruz

    Skateboarding And Time...

    i love it, mostly because of joy division
  10. Zachcruz

    Coloring In My Pictures

    http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2807/9498352729_952c4d221c_b.jpg is it just the flash or?
  11. Zachcruz

    Coloring In My Pictures

    so i keep seeing pictures on this website,and the colors look so good, my pictures never come out like these. what do i have to do to get them like this. i have a t3i
  12. Zachcruz

    Canon 8-15mm F/4l Test

    how come i can never get my pictures to look like this, color wise. is it the flash?
  13. Zachcruz

    Memorial Skatepark

    i think it was really good,i like your editing style
  14. Zachcruz

    Film Type For Taking Pictures?

    i just got a canon a-1 i want to know what film type and speed i should use to get good pictures, also do you know where i can get film cheap? thanks