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  1. still wanting $100? Message me
  2. Fergus

    Stylus Epic

    In New Zealand we call the Stylus Epic an MJU ii portra 4hunna lemme know what u think Check me on the Insty and the tumblr
  3. Fergus

    Random Photo Discussion

    I had the exact same problem with my FE2 except I never got it fixed and i couldnt remove the lever off a sketchy FM2 i have. Where did you get it done/how much did it cost. Also, anyone have any information about all the TWS photogs leaving? Barton, Omeally and some other dude.
  4. Fergus

    Random Photo Discussion

    Does anyone have experience is fixing the Nikon FM/FM2/FE/FE2 line of cameras? I have a FE2 with no film advance lever so i bought i broken FM2 (which im not sure is broken) to use the advance lever for the FE2 because they are the same but i dont know how to remove the lever. I just need to get the top cap off but its not screwing off and i cant force it out. Anyone know?
  5. Fergus


    always producing amazing images. keep it up
  6. Fergus

    G1 Roll #1 (( Daylight Savings Ugh)

    really wouldve liked to see a wider shot of the first one with her full face in the frame.
  7. Fergus

    Official Flash/strobe Thread

    Dude i have a problem with one of my tt850 batteries. It doesnt hold any charge. I emailed Godox and they said to email the seller which was actually off their eBay account but i got no reply/
  8. Fergus

    Jake Atkins

    yeah wish he was wearing a white t shirt or something. Couldnt shoot it from anywhere else without losing the impact of how big the stairs are
  9. Fergus

    Jake Atkins

    Jake Atkins - Hardflip. Printed in Manual Magazine #55 Jake Atkins - 360flip over the rail. Used for his Talk Turkey Tuesday on manualmagazine.com Tell me what you think.
  10. Fergus

    Nifty Fifty N' My Cat

    found this ironic
  11. Fergus

    Pole J Ft. Turn Up Bs Smith

    Miguel is only 16 wat!
  12. Fergus

    A Big Flipkick

    get out the park mane! get rid of the lurkers and even ya lighting out. Otherwise looks good.
  13. Fergus


    2nd and 3rd <3 ur killin it
  14. Fergus

    Farwell Chicago , For Now

    1st is sick