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  1. boltsnbearings

    New To Photography

    I just got a t5i and I'm starting to do photography, please have a look at some of my pics. Criticism is welcome http://www.flickr.com/photos/119821043@N05/
  2. boltsnbearings

    Asking About Microphones? Read This First

    Rode Videomic pro or Sennheiser MKE400?
  3. boltsnbearings

    Need Help With Off Camera Flashes

    what camera did you shoot them with?
  4. boltsnbearings

    Your First Video

    first filmed with a modded flip cam:
  5. boltsnbearings

    Nikon D7100 Or Canon 60d

    thanks but does anyone know if the 60d any good for skate photos?
  6. boltsnbearings

    Nikon D7100 Or Canon 60d

    So i was wondering which to get, Canon 60d or Nikon d7100 because my Panasonic GS250 just broke and i want to start dslr filming/photography. The 60d maybe because of the flip out lcd and its cheaper or the d7100 because of the photography benefits. HELP PLEASE!!! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK6zeDr0pP-ovQva9wiAovQ