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  1. BryanLeichter

    What Is A Modern Alternative To The Hv30?

    i don't want an action cam. I want a small camera with 24p and manual controls.
  2. I DON'T WANT A DSLR. Can someone tell me a handheld cam that shoots native HD 24p (doesn't have to support 1080p but is a plus) and records to SD card or other tapeless format that creates footage on par with HV30 or better. Here's an idea of the specs: http://www.cnet.com/products/canon-vixia-hv30/specs/
  3. BryanLeichter

    Does Anyone Here Use Avid Media Composer

    Thanks for the explanation. What is a flatbed btw?
  4. BryanLeichter

    Website Design Netjiot

    Does anyone use javascript rendered 3D
  5. BryanLeichter

    Mk1 On Hd Camera

    The only reason to do this is if you don't have the money. But I wouldnt mind seeing what that setup looks like.
  6. BryanLeichter


    Has anyone set up a dual camera handle for 3d shots?
  7. BryanLeichter

    What Do You/would You Like In A Handle?

    It has to look nice. I don't want some whack ass DIY shit.
  8. BryanLeichter

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    Are there any DSLRs that can shoot 120 fps?
  9. BryanLeichter

    Not A Joke

    Would there be a market for Polaroid SLRs?
  10. BryanLeichter

    I Need Tips For Interviewing People

    If it's someone you havent talked to much before and you have some time, spend 5 minutes just bullshitting before you turn the camera on to create a better on camera rapport.
  11. BryanLeichter

    Gl2 Shutter Speed

    I haven't used one in a while, but I think it's right around the exposure controls.
  12. BryanLeichter

    The Film Thread

    Do they still make sound film?
  13. BryanLeichter

    "the Skateperception Files," Skateperception Full Length Video

    I guess the the name "The VX Files" was taken?
  14. BryanLeichter

    How To Release A Full Length

    Do what Louis CK does and sell it as a download on your site.