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  1. filmerfrost

    Canon T3i & Rokinon Fisheye

    Good condition please
  2. filmerfrost

    Mkii Mk2

    looking for a decent Century optics MKii ultra fisheye death lens. i really dont care about the cosmetic condition but i want a fresh glass. under $300?
  3. filmerfrost

    Kotr 2014

    what is the link to that thread?
  4. filmerfrost

    Kotr 2014

    im seriously down as fuck to do it this year, even if we just do it for no prizes, itd still be awesome. lets just make a list and see who enters it. no cost and the winner gets the youtube channel and video shared on the SkatePerception Facebook and other pages.
  5. filmerfrost

    Skateperception Full Length

    Im down to edit whatever sd or hd just give me shit to edit and ill get it done.
  6. filmerfrost

    Skateperception Full Length

    Down for this! South Bay Cali footy!
  7. filmerfrost

    Youtube Channel

    tell me what i can do to make my skate montages better http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcLqruUkAjkEWUEy9Na9_qw come check out my youtube channel need them views