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  1. brgmmb

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    This is what makes the most sense to me. I just didn't know if there was a difference between working on 1) native timeline, native export, then conversion vs 2) custom timeline, custom export. The difference could honestly be negligible... I don't have enough experience with compression. You have any footage online for an example?
  2. brgmmb

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    Your footage looks great! Why 50P though? Native vx is 29.97 so I would imagine you'd either keep that frame rate or maybe do 60? But I don't understand 50. I tried creating a project with your exact settings last night and it was essentially playing everything back in slow motion. Planning on trying again with 1440x1080 and 29.97 frame rate tonight.
  3. brgmmb

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    Hey, starting a new thread because digging through years-old threads on the subject is maddening and most the relevant software has long since changed. I'm a FCPx user, but interested in the process of upscaling SD vx footage in Premiere Pro/FCPx/Compressor/etc... whatever will make it work. I'm including an example of a crispy 720p vx upload as well as one of my own if you want to see the difference I'm talking about, although I'm sure you know what I mean if you're here. https://youtu.be/A-bM40TMzNQ (my footage) https://youtu.be/V5Cq59_GQn4 (crispy example) My question is essentially how to achieve the 720p vx footage. Methods I've tried include: 1) creating a project in native SD dimensions (NTSC for me - so 640x480) and exporting as 960x720 (to preserve aspect ratio) 2) creating a custom project with 960x720 (rec.601 audio and 29.97 frame rate) and exporting that 3) taking a native 640x480 project, exporting natively, and then upscaling with Compressor/Media Encoder If you have any experience doing this and maybe I'm missing something obvious, I'd sure love the help.
  4. brgmmb

    WTB: vx1000 (preferably japanese)

    Keep me posted! Appreciate the help man.
  5. brgmmb

    WTB: vx1000 (preferably japanese)

    Ahh, damn. I would've copped for sure! Just saw this now. Oh well, thanks for the help guys!
  6. Anyone on here have a japanese vx1000 they could part with?
  7. Hey guys, I've got a full length vx video which is set to premiere in August 2018 in Salt Lake City! Let me know what you think. Gonna likely have a couple more promos before the big day too. Cheers, Mac
  8. Looking for someone to take this custom painted beauty off my hands! Message me here or DM on Instagram for more details. Just had $250 of repairs/tune-up from Kerry at video electronics. MK1 not included.
  9. I figured it was board level. Just didn't know if anyone else has had this happen. Thanks, Kerry. My other vx is on its way to you now, once I get that one back I'll be sending this one your way as well!
  10. Hey guys, One of my vx1000s has an audio issue where the high sounds (popping, grinding, etc.) are way too high and peaking, and the low sounds (like wheels rolling, cars passing, etc.) are way too quite and hardly registering. I used to record with the audio just set on auto, but as this problem arose I've been lowering the audio level. Started with 6, 5, 4, and now I record on 2.5-3 because the problem continues to get worse. Even recording on 2.5-3 audio level results in harsh noises and peaking levels from ollies and popping and such. Anyone had this problem before? Mac
  11. brgmmb

    SP Montage - Interested?

    I've got footage!
  12. Decided to submit an entry for this contest: http://girlskateboards.com/contest/ It's been snowing in Salt Lake and I've always wanted to make a video like this but never got around to it. Filmed in one day with Kaleb Hadlock.
  13. Just dropped this transition part the other day, if you're into that sort of thing. It's my first transition project, but it was really fun to make. Cheers!
  14. brgmmb

    TimePiece - Full Video

    The best! Thanks for this one Dean.