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  1. First HD Montage

    No vig with a hint of shaky hands! First video with my mirrorless set up. I enjoy it so far but I have a lot to get used to. Let me know what you all think!!
  2. Los Angeles Montage

    Song makes me love this footage even more! Good stuff.
  3. Well I had this one sitting in the bowels of my computer for a while! Anyways guys hope you enjoy it. Please share thoughts and opinions!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYh1Ynb9SfM&t=6s
  4. 13 Stair Melon & More

    Had these clips sitting for a while so I thought I'd post them with a simp Youtube title. Worth a watch! Hope you all enjoy.
  5. Chooki Fathers Day Edit Ii

    Some clips that aren't gonna make the cut for the full length. Worth a watch, Chooks is a ledge slayer.
  6. Dante Staten Raw Footy

    It's actually overcrook! Hard to notice with the angle I filmed it at but it is haha.
  7. Dante Staten Raw Footy

    Thanks! I appreciate the comment.
  8. Dante Staten Raw Footy

    Super old clips that I finally got around to putting up, enjoi it. Last clip was filmed with my first dookie raymod setup haha.
  9. Silence

    40 seconds of soundless park clips. Maybe I should upload more???
  10. First Hd Vid

    Hyped you thought it wasn't bad thanks! And You know I've had others tell me about that b-roll thing you just said because I've done silmilar projects with my vx. However that's exactly how I wanted it with little to no b-roll I'm not into it much in my projects especially this one when I'm mainly trying to show the main subject on his path and not have any shots in between show some bullSh haha. As for the colors I'm not a wiz at color correcting but I'll definitely look into for future projects thanks! I did notice the colors were kind of bad though.
  11. First Hd Vid

    Not sure what a mark is or if I do I just can't remember haha. Wanna tell me? Glad you think it wasn't bad though!
  12. First Hd Vid

    James Resly School Project Single Recently did some filming with the Canon 7D for a college project and this is what it turned out like. Check it out I think you all will enjoy some of my first HD footage haha.
  13. Chopsquad Home Movie Vol.1

    Been busy so I haven't had time to post much but the Chop channel has been live and updated on a regular. This vid is by the homie Dylan. Check it out and sub to the channel!
  14. Rodney Bell Jr. Letitroll Edit

    usually don't bump my stuff but I wanna get at least a couple more views lol. <3