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  1. nick5817

    First invert photo

    this is sick honestly. only critique i have is his legs are kinda dark, idk maybe a flash mounted on the right side would help, im not a photographer just my 2cents
  2. nick5817

    What Video Camera

    i had a canon t3i for my first filming camera with a rokinon fisheye and one of those mounts where you can hold it nicely low with one hand if you know what i mean, it was a decent setup if you have 3 batteries with you i noticed they died pretty quickly when filming lines or anything for long but it was a good camera for a budget of 400 you could probably buy a setup for like 300 now maybe even cheaper since that camera is outdated now kinda. now i have a sony vx1000 with a raymod fisheye and i need to send it out to repair and im not able to film currently and that sucks.
  3. nick5817


    just went to the skrrrrrt park and did a varial heelflip hahaaaaaaaaa
  4. still own a vx1000 after 4 years, i bought pretty much my dream car but its slow and i work overnights and hit the skatepark a few times through the week yeah thats about it https://ja.ink361.com/app/users/ig-144663223/hockadaychan/photos/1611603935482924375_144663223
  5. nick5817

    Who Did 9-11?

    Lets all focus on the real question here, who did Bush?
  6. nick5817

    Fakie Flip

    just say its a bs 360 they will never know
  7. everytime i come on skateperception and i see that error it takes me like 5 minutes to figure out what i did last time when i got that message lol
  8. nick5817

    Thoughts About Nike Sb?

    i see you guest reading this make a profile and join the community
  9. i want to know your guys thoughts on Nike SB. Do you like them as a company, because people are saying fuck nike because they are corporate and not a skater run organization or whatever, and are their shoes living up to the price that they are (not just the janoskis)? another thing to add is i always thought thrasher was like the most skater oriented site ever like when i think of something that was covering skateboarding from the early days its thrasher but they sell their shit in zumiez, idk that just threw me off a little knowing that. fuck zumiez, support your local shop
  10. nick5817


    just an add on is "my wars" on thrasher
  11. nick5817

    Buenos Aires Street Eamigo

    i know you probably use like premiere pro or something but you got any idea how to import to youtube in hd with a vx on windows movie maker lol
  12. nick5817

    Lyfe Iz