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  1. BonAppetit

    Looking To Buy Skate Videos

    Does anyone have any older skate videos you'd like to sell? I'm looking for any Digital Skateboarding, 411vm any of, old Transworld videos ect
  2. Shit was poppin in the early days! Sucks most of yall were never apart of it! lol lol
  3. I have a Vx1000 for the low! $200 sometimes the footage gets glitchy that's why I am selling it for cheap. English version excellent condition. I have pictures holla
  4. title says it all. The Canon 60d is great for taking photos as well as shooting HD video. Ive taken many photos and made many videos with the camera and they all turn out great! Willing to trade for a MK1
  5. BonAppetit

    Vx1mk1 Setup

    Trade a Canon 60d with 2 batteries?
  6. BonAppetit

    Best Dslr? Dslr Vs Hd Camcorder

    This is a montage I made about 90% is Canon 60d with Rokinon 8mm 5% Canon 60d and a shitty long lens and 5% Hmc150 long lens
  7. Still kinda new to the whole photography thing. Just want some feedback and some tips to help improve thanks! Keegan Kim Fs blunt Nashville CatNip kickflip over bar Zeke Logan BS flip
  8. BonAppetit

    Batb 7

    Joes are fucking wack. Sucks for them they will never be sponsored cause the skateboard industry doesnt accept bullshit tricks
  9. BonAppetit

    Bad Looking Tricks

    360 shuvs are gross
  10. BonAppetit

    Fs: Eazy Handle V.2

    $300 shipped good condition
  11. BonAppetit

    Batb 7

    Pros vs Joes is wack all those kids are barneys
  12. Whats the difference between the sb-28dx and just the regular sb-28?
  13. BonAppetit

    Fs: Mint Vx1000

    Trade for a Eazy handle v.2?
  14. Formula 4s are bad ass. Be careful at the skatepark with the 101a though gets real slick!