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  1. tomhallway


    diggin the song selection. and the one finger footy
  2. tomhallway

    Florida Stuff

  3. yeah its an '88. the 88s have late model tails with slim metal bumpers
  4. so i bought an e30 about a month ago its schwarz black sittin on some enkeis running 245/45r16s that rub pretty bad basically stock besides the wheels and exhaust which is just two glasspacks welded on the stock pipes.... it sounds straight piped its got some problems the usual rust on the floorpans, worn suspension, ripped seats , burns oil blah blah blah i got it for cheap and i plan to restore it this summer
  5. tomhallway

    Lowkey (winter 2014)

  6. tomhallway

    Love Park

    id call it a fakie backside nosegrind,but to each his own. yeah leddy's trick is cool but the composition is kinda beat. youre trying to squeze the love sign in there and all those ppl standing around make it worse. the second is cool besides the fact that hes centered super hard. id say leddys would be better if you shot from a different angle with no people. and the wallride shot vertical would be sick.
  7. obviously i would rather buy a regular e30, but ive seen some ix's that might be sweet enough of a deal that i'd compromise. the snow abilities are appealing cause no one likes to get stuck in the snow, pa winters arent too bad but awd would def be useful. is the ix really much slower than a regular m20 e30? i dont need a fast car at my age anyway its just too tempting and i cant afford another hefty ticket, or the insurance hit i'd take with it. J, do you work on cars?
  8. currently looking for an e30... i got 4k in the bank but the the struggle is real to find a decent one near philly for sale. is the ix as good? ive been told to stay away from them because they're more expensive to maintain, and you cant lower them or its really diffficult to do so? would you recommend an awd e30?
  9. tomhallway

    Attitude Within Skaters

    mla format i can dig it
  10. i mean if theyre unintelligent to the point where it bothers you or you feel badly about it then its a no-go, but if theyre just dimwitted sometimes and you can look past that then who cares
  11. of course, i kinda group that with personailty like if theyre an idiot or not
  12. a pretty face, good personality, and a fat azzzz
  13. tomhallway


    everything lookin like its on dat purp