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  1. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    If it wasn't for a fact a lot of my friends are hard to get hold of without it, I would not have any social media.
  2. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    Most forums (unless it is certain gaming or car enthusiast forums) have taken a hit in recent years. Unfortunate as it is, just need some hype or something to get people back. I guess it won't be like how it was due to social media.
  3. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    Probably being creative.
  4. pedromayn

    Berkeley Montage (4:3 HD)

    That was dope. Dug the whole vibe of it.
  5. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    Kill social media.
  6. pedromayn

    Two In The Chest

    Cheers for the critique, mate. However I do want to point out some things; Audio: The problems with the audio are not due to it being manual, there was an issue with my cap cam at the time and all the audio was fucked meaning I had to try and amend this in post (hence some parts sound loud, then really quiet). Unfortunately, this was well sorted after the edit was done though. Lens not being clean : I might be blind but I don't see where the lens weren't clean? Some shots we had limited time to fuck about (aggy locals) and Barca can be dusty, so that could be around certain parts incl. the slappy nose nollie flip out. board being in the frame: Board showing up in the shot with the wallie at the up ledges was due to the helicopters being all over the floor and me almost slamming. Those things are gnarly, basically big stones that even a filmer board cannot ride over. But yeah cheers, G. What is the best way to render the footy to 720? I am sure I saw a tutorial on here, but it made everything look a bit off and wider with that tutorial.
  7. Right, who watched Chris Joslin's part? Is it me or was that filming something you'd see in the Skate video creator? It dwarfed most of the stuff... I don't know if I can really deal with all those hammers after hammers. What is to break it all up?
  8. I made an edit from all the footy we got from a trip in Barca for Vague Mag, featuring Welsh Tommy and Sam Austin. This is my first edit using the VX1 after owning it for a few months. Ch-ch check it.
  9. this place needs mo cowbells
  10. But I do like the skateboarding adventures of this guy.
  11. Ah, well that teaches me for not clearing the cache for a month! Fixed by the looks of it!
  12. One of my favorite British skate videos.