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  1. pedromayn

    VHS Fisheye

    Ah I didn't notice this after I just posted my reply to you in the other thread - my friend used a MK2 lens and taped it around the sunshield for the camera. It worked tidy and I might add that due to the low quality of the VHS format, the scratches on the lens didn't stick out at all.
  2. pedromayn


    This was a Century Optics MK2 taped onto the 60mm (IIRC it was 60mm) sunshield on a Panasonic M3500. And yes, it weighed a ton.
  3. pedromayn

    Mixing VX1/2 footy

    Cheers. Yeah I was thinking the exact same, with regards to it being park footy. I was thinking more for when I do my full video, since I may have some clips to use off my 21.
  4. pedromayn

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    I must admit, in that post it seemed to be a little bit minute compared to how bad it seems in yours. But to be honest, mine sorta does it but it's negotiable. Plus I mainly film in the dark haha.
  5. pedromayn


    Not my actual video - but I filmed some of the guys parts in this on a mix of old Panasonic VHS cams. Also, it's his first full length. Big up. More info on here - shoutout to Vague Mag for posting this! ~ https://www.vaguemag.com/vhseven-seven-skateboards/
  6. Sorry if the title sounds dumb or some shiz. But I got some park footy which I want to put together for an edit, but it's a mix of VX21-2 and mainly VX1 footy. Any sort of way of putting this together to make them blend tidy and make it less obvious?
  7. pedromayn

    BOOMBAP - Full Video

    yo that was tight, I liked that.
  8. pedromayn

    Capturing VHS tapes

    Well, it turns out my the disc for my original capture kit and software was in my room after all. It is called ION Video2PC. I bought it years ago and it contains Cyberlink Powerdirector on the same disc. I did not realize this until I put it onto the PC.... Put that out there for anyone else looking for similar devices for VHS/8mm tapes. ^^^
  9. pedromayn

    Capturing VHS tapes

    Cheers for your suggestions guys!
  10. pedromayn

    Capturing VHS tapes

    I'm trying to find a good bit of kit for capturing VHS tapes - anyone use any particular software and hardware? I just want to upload some skate vids that aren't online and capture my 8mm stuff I have left to put on my PC. I did have a program and a capture device for my 8mm tapes, but I think the software plays up on Win10 + I don't actually know where the original CD is to install it... Cheers
  11. pedromayn

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    Why don't you just buy another VX1?
  12. pedromayn


    Noticed this come up my feed after the original got muted and subsequently unable to be played in any region of the world (including Svalbard). https://youtu.be/BJGoCf2zRN0 Note; no sound until 4:28.
  13. pedromayn


    Must we not forget you're also watching this on Youtube, which rapes quality.., If you were to watch VX1 footy on a DVD or a VHS tape, it'll look as close to OG quality you're referring to as possible.
  14. pedromayn

    SP Montage - Interested?

    Yeah wassup wif dis, eh? Would there be many people to do a proper montage these days, though? Like I said before I'd be well keen to contribute some footage.
  15. pedromayn

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    Everything about this photo is on point.