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  1. It's now the 'me generation' where people can directly post their shit to instagram for instant likes and gratification. That doesn't really help.
  2. Me and Tommy have been working on a part for a while now, which has been put out for Pixels. Filmed over 2014 to 2016; with a VX21. Featuring guest bitsfrom Jack Kirtley, Caradog Emanuel and mwoi as well Check it out, mun.
  3. 4:3 HD - Montage

    Man, HD in 4:3 looks so dope.
  4. Trips coming up?

    I found this with Cyprus and got annoyed when I found out they had a plaza spot (not a bust) within the centre of the capital, after I got back from my 2 weeks stay. But my whole time there I found a similar thing; loads of spots about with the perfect materials and I think at the time I think there was only 2-3 parks on the whole island and as well as that, no one was about that much during my stay. I think that was more to do with the fact the summers are blisteringly hot in the day, hence why it was dead. I did see most people skate in the evenings in Larnaca, which even the locals say is a must even when they're used to the weather themselves. Tour ideas for Chile I guess?
  5. Trips coming up?

    Me and the B O I S are in Barca for the 14th - 21st April. Nothing big planned, but it'd be nice for some peeps to come along if you fancy a bit of sglefrfyrddio (or filming said sglefrfyrddio). Oh and some laaargs.
  6. Saw you had posted this on Slap. It is so dope. I really enjoyed that.
  7. Like any projects on here - I'll be keen to pass something across to help with this.
  8. What vx should I buy (16:9)

    Just get whatever comes up at a good price since, to be honest with you that's the way I thought when looking for a VX1. That and making sure it actually worked. Be mindful if you do go with an NTSC VX1 they're different frame rates and resolution like Adam said. I forgot about that and tried to use my PAL cap cam I had for years to play it back, which started to do the most craziest of glitches. Of course, you'll need to consider a capture cam and this will need to be PAL or NTSC depending on which VX you have chosen. I wouldn't bother with 16:9 if you're shooting SD, it looks very odd. If you want that however, go with the Jap VX1. Everything being in Japanese is not even a problem, either. Especially with a plethora of guides.
  9. I did this a few years back when I needed to replace it originally and I had to get rid of a slight ding at the side of the casing. Other than that, I simply used two bent safety pins and a random nail (ghetto, I know) to remove the little threaded front part. I didn't use what that guy is using. I would suggest placing the bayo in a vice, so you have some leverage. Or get another pair of hands to hold it whilst you try unscrewing it.I simply had my old man help me and held it myself. When I did it recently I had to deal with another issue; damaged thread and another ding. Be careful if you have the same thing going on. But yeah, just get something to hold the bayo and just try to push it. It will eventually budge.
  10. Citi TV Episode 3 - Montage

    I dug the idea, especially as being someone who rinses Google Maps to check spots. Although like Steak said it should've been used on very notable spots and maybe less time scrolling past to check the spot. It will be quicker then between the skating and the bits where you're on Google Maps. But yeah other than that, it was dope! Would like to see something similar again the future.
  11. Thought I'd use this thread as a shameless plug for the previous year's GSD edit I made. It's not the best of edits, but it was a good day. The spot where all the blocks were setup has been a place you couldn't skate for years and they suddenly lifted the 'ban'. It's filled with cracks these days, though.
  12. I might be completely wrong here, but I did see in some video a while back that there are two different glass types? Could it be that? I wouldn't be too bothered, to be honest. I used to crop my vig out a bit when doing my old skatepark edits.
  13. Pretty much know where everything is within a week, for me that is. I do keep all the translations handy, though!
  14. Cheers for this - I know there are guides still from the old SP site on the Wayback archive and all, but this clears it up a lot and is easier to look at!