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  1. SP Montage - Interested?

    I got some stuff laying about that can be of use I bet.
  2. Vx1000 60fps

    I always wondered why one of my friends edits looked all stretched and the guy skating in it looked fat. It must have been what has been done above.
  3. VX or HD

    Depends what you're into - if you like the look of SD footy and the simplicity of filming with the VX, go with a VX1 with a MK1. For me it's a timeless look in skateboarding and you can't beat it. Heck, the VX21 with the MK1 is a good combo, too. I know some people will say having to capture and log tapes is a tedious task, as well as having glitches that could ruin footy is a pain. But, it is well worth the outcome. I don't know an awful lot about HD to comment, but I can dig some of it and I'm certainly not going to call any of it wack or 'duh but sd footy is better'. I personally don't like with some of the DSLRs setups you needed an external mic and an additional handle to really film properly with them. ,Where the VX1/2 already had it on lock down without needing to buy extra bits and the audio sounded crisp for skateboarding. Like I said, though, it all depends on what you're really into.
  4. Quickstream recorder

    You could make a ghetto rig case for the side of your VX, so you can film with it plugged in. That'd be pretty cool.
  5. Post Your Setup!

    That's cool. Reminds me of the standard 8 mill setup I had with a baby death lens on it (I posted it on here, a few pages back). I upgraded to the VX but I want to bust out the 8 mill for a project one day.
  6. DWEEB - Full Video

    The filming was spot on with this one.
  7. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    Yeah I will do in a few days. I have gotten it working after several tries, seems as if the heads are either extremely worn and on their way out or were very gunked up. Yeah I make sure to not do that at all. All seems gravy for the time being, though.
  8. Right, So I recorded some stuff on my NTSC VX1 and placed the tape in the cap cam I got from the US of A. When I go to playback it comes up with horizontal purple, pixelated lines with the footage playing behind it. I put a head cleaner in both cams and still no joy. Now, the tape I did try originally had a small recording on a PAL cam and I thought this could have potentially marred the rest of the tape as one mate suggested. I tried a brand new tape and it repeated the same problem. I am going to try the VX on recording a full tape to see if could work out the glitch bug. However, does anyone know what this could be down to? Could it be the heads need re-aligning? Any help appreciated. Ciao for now.
  9. VX1000 batteries

    Yo. Has anyone got any VX1 batteries to sell or can point me to the ones that aren't those fake ones without the grooves? Safe. Cheers. Tidy.
  10. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    Well...I thought I got rid of it, now the footage is showing but I get random 'blips' in the video and audio its self. It's all over the place. Can this be the heads possibly not being aligned? I record on the cap cam and it's fine, but anything from the vx is fucked. Although a few times I popped the tape in from the VX, it has played fine (like it did last night). I'm so confused haha.
  11. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    Nevermind - turns out the heads on the cap cam must have been filthy to the point where it needed an hour's worth of recording, and rewinding to get rid of it.
  12. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    I sussed it's definitely not the VX1 thank god. However, has anyone ever had this problem with their cap cams? Someone said they had the same when they had a Jap VX1.
  13. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    The cap cam is a NTSC one. One of my friends suggested playing a blank on the cap cam to remove some of the dust with the static of the new tape.
  14. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    This is how it looks, even when it has recorded for over 50 minutes.
  15. Well, I only seem to post in this section but pardon that.... Anyways, my exposure button seems a little bit off and can take a little bit of persuasion to get it scrolling properly, often it will only go up and down in one spot. Other times it will let me scroll, but can go a bit mental and randomly scroll up or down. Is there any way to solve this without taking the whole camera apart? Cheers,
  16. VX1 exposure button faulty

    Cool - cheers for replying. It seems to be a case of blowing into the exposure dial part (this may just be a psychological effect, though) and just clicking on and off the button, then scrolling. Then, it works normal. I managed to test it out filming and it was ok to toggle between all the settings after doing this once.
  17. 'Tis an oldie, but thought I'd share with you all.
  18. It's not that hard or even a hassle, depends how organized you are.
  19. 2814 - Montage

    Tidy stuff!
  20. That is a cool idea. I can back that.
  21. A little thing I threw together of footage from 2013 - 2017.
  22. VX1000 dark

    Evening, morning, afternoon (whatever applies) I just copped a Jap VX1 and it turns on fine, but the viewfinder is really dark. I Googled a few things and I can see this maybe the viewfinder cable. Is anyone on here able to confirm this for me? Cheers all, Pedro
  23. VX1000 dark

    Cheers for all the help, guys - I'll just keep using it as it is for the time being and then maybe think about getting it fixed when it bugs me further (it probably will knowing me).
  24. For Those Who Have Bought A Vx1000 Off Ebay?

    I have bought two VXs off eBay. Both bought without any questions asked about them, as well as simply going by the merit of the seller's descriptions and their feedback haha. But to be honest, it is always best to ask what about it and what its use was. I guess like most electrical items, it might be better if it has had some use recently and not been stored somewhere for say, 10 years. At least with skateboarding, there is always someone there to fix it. For now. Originally I bought a VX21 to replace my busted one, that one was almost like new and only needed a head cleaning tape after I used it 3-4 times. I think honestly that was the only gripe since it might just be a little bit filthy on the heads. The Jap VX1 I just bought seems to be all tidy par the viewfinder ribbon cable being a bit dicky, but it's in good nick for what it is and I can expect that from a camera as old as I am. I just hope it doesn't go boom at some random point.
  25. Filmer Backpacks

    Oh shit, good suggestions on this thread. I ideally would like to find a newer bag, since I'd ideally like one that could sport two VXs.