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    Capturing VHS tapes

    Well, it turns out my the disc for my original capture kit and software was in my room after all. It is called ION Video2PC. I bought it years ago and it contains Cyberlink Powerdirector on the same disc. I did not realize this until I put it onto the PC.... Put that out there for anyone else looking for similar devices for VHS/8mm tapes. ^^^
  2. pedromayn

    Capturing VHS tapes

    I'm trying to find a good bit of kit for capturing VHS tapes - anyone use any particular software and hardware? I just want to upload some skate vids that aren't online and capture my 8mm stuff I have left to put on my PC. I did have a program and a capture device for my 8mm tapes, but I think the software plays up on Win10 + I don't actually know where the original CD is to install it... Cheers
  3. pedromayn

    Capturing VHS tapes

    Cheers for your suggestions guys!
  4. A bit of fun in the sun. No filmer board and some sound glitchy footage at the end ++ edit is dropping late cause it's too sunny for once in the UK to be in 'da studio'.
  5. pedromayn

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    Why don't you just buy another VX1?
  6. pedromayn


    Noticed this come up my feed after the original got muted and subsequently unable to be played in any region of the world (including Svalbard). https://youtu.be/BJGoCf2zRN0 Note; no sound until 4:28.
  7. pedromayn


    Must we not forget you're also watching this on Youtube, which rapes quality.., If you were to watch VX1 footy on a DVD or a VHS tape, it'll look as close to OG quality you're referring to as possible.
  8. pedromayn

    SP Montage - Interested?

    Yeah wassup wif dis, eh? Would there be many people to do a proper montage these days, though? Like I said before I'd be well keen to contribute some footage.
  9. pedromayn

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    Everything about this photo is on point.
  10. pedromayn


    First one is banging.
  11. I got an issue that sorted showing up with my VX1after filming Go Skate Day. I noticed a slight audio dropout on the last part of a tape I filmed before hand. What happens is the audio keeps dropping out in random parts and will literally stay glitching for a long duration, then stop and repeat. I ran a head cleaner tape through it to no avail. Here is the footy; https://youtu.be/O2ZwtFJubJs Now I am also wondering if PAL and NTSC heads are different or can they both work in the same camera?
  12. pedromayn

    Waiting For The Man

    I found this on another forum from around the same time. Probably posted as some form of 'chain' I'd imagine.
  13. pedromayn

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    Is it the VAP unit that causes that or just the lens? (sorry that my reply doesn't really answer anything, just curious)
  14. pedromayn

    Need a new bag

    I have a Burton Zoom backpack and that seems to be fairly big. I could fit 2 vxs in there if I was inclined to.
  15. pedromayn


    Blocked in me country. Sad times.
  16. pedromayn


    A re-edit of some footy that was used in the last fully Welsh Tommy part + mixed in with other footage that night. Nothing spectacular, but thought I'd share it. Pardon where the blurryness comes in at one clip, camera was literally about to die and didn't have time to fuck around with settings. Plus, this spot is usually 110% a bust..
  17. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    If it wasn't for a fact a lot of my friends are hard to get hold of without it, I would not have any social media.
  18. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    Most forums (unless it is certain gaming or car enthusiast forums) have taken a hit in recent years. Unfortunate as it is, just need some hype or something to get people back. I guess it won't be like how it was due to social media.
  19. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    Probably being creative.
  20. pedromayn

    Berkeley Montage (4:3 HD)

    That was dope. Dug the whole vibe of it.
  21. pedromayn

    Fuck this place.

    Kill social media.
  22. pedromayn

    Two In The Chest

    Cheers for the critique, mate. However I do want to point out some things; Audio: The problems with the audio are not due to it being manual, there was an issue with my cap cam at the time and all the audio was fucked meaning I had to try and amend this in post (hence some parts sound loud, then really quiet). Unfortunately, this was well sorted after the edit was done though. Lens not being clean : I might be blind but I don't see where the lens weren't clean? Some shots we had limited time to fuck about (aggy locals) and Barca can be dusty, so that could be around certain parts incl. the slappy nose nollie flip out. board being in the frame: Board showing up in the shot with the wallie at the up ledges was due to the helicopters being all over the floor and me almost slamming. Those things are gnarly, basically big stones that even a filmer board cannot ride over. But yeah cheers, G. What is the best way to render the footy to 720? I am sure I saw a tutorial on here, but it made everything look a bit off and wider with that tutorial.
  23. I made an edit from all the footy we got from a trip in Barca for Vague Mag, featuring Welsh Tommy and Sam Austin. This is my first edit using the VX1 after owning it for a few months. Ch-ch check it.