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  1. andrewjdorn

    Ramped Slow Mo App

    making a few promos, here's the first one...
  2. andrewjdorn

    Ramped Slow Mo App

    Thanks guys, Kyran I PM'd ya! hit me up. Also theres an update coming out with a bunch of bug fixes, should be out today or tomorrow. hyped to see some more clips coming through on it!
  3. andrewjdorn

    Ramped Slow Mo App

    If you have the iPhone 5s you can just Import the clips that were shot with the high frame rate on 5s (in slow mo mode), then slow that down. It recognises the in between frames and should work flawlessly with these clips... Yeah Crispy, you bring up some interesting stuff re the desktop app. I was going to add the facebook/insta buttons to the app, but me personally, I hate apps that bug you to log into your social networks. I feel its cleaner to just save to camera roll, then you can do whatever you want from there. Tried to make it real simple. But that's just me, there will be a bunch of updates coming with new bits and pieces so right now it's good to just get a ton of feedback from everyone! Thanks for supporting it, add the facebook page to keep updated www.facebook.com/rampedslowmo
  4. andrewjdorn

    The Ramped Slow Mo Thread

    You can do Ramped slow mo on the iphone now, this is an app I've been working hard on and would be hyped for you guys to check it out! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ramped-slow-mo/id734414902?ls=1&mt=8
  5. This is something I’ve been working on for a while and it’s finally alive so would be so stoked for you guys to check it out. Ramped Slow Mo app for the iPhone. Set your in and out points, choose the speed and boom, fully flared/pretty sweet eat your heart out! Just type in 'Ramped' in the app store and it should come up, here’s a link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ramped-slow-mo/id734414902?ls=1&mt=8 Check the insta hashtag #rampedslowmoapp, and if you dig it, write a review & 5 star it! That helps more than you think.