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  1. ianfilms

    land on my face

    Good shit would've been cool to to pull the blue sky out a lil more, make the contrast between all the colors ya know
  2. ianfilms

    Forever Working on It

    Starting a series on my small cities growth before a boom of tech-nerds try to move in when SF and surrounding areas get filled up. But also trying to make each construction site last forever, hope thats shown a little. Anyway C&C very welcome. Shot on Mamiya Rb67 Pro w/ 180mm lens and HP5
  3. ianfilms

    Scanner for 35mm

    Heres two just raw color negative scans thats I scanned this week. At 3200 ppi. img229.tif img234.tif
  4. ianfilms

    Scanner for 35mm

    I have an epson v600 and its solid. Fast, reliable, and honestly easy to travel with. My only peeve is that sometimes with images at night or darker images it crop them real bad and I haven't found a fix for that yet, but thats rare like 1/36 dark shots it happens
  5. ianfilms

    full circle.

    The first one would be a good ad but ya its a great photo nothing else in it draws out your attention so its framed real well. One thing is it could be a little more contrasty but it doesn't hurt the photo that its not.
  6. ianfilms

    Couple kickflips from summer

    The shadows in the first are real nice a couple ways. 1. super crisp against the window which add another layer to the whole thing and 2. the shadow isn't a deeper black than the sweatshirt so it doesn't overwhelm or take anything away from the actual trick Fuck w the first one heavily
  7. ianfilms

    The Cool Photographer Videos Thread 2k18

    This one is real well done.
  8. ianfilms

    What is good

    Shot these on my little olympus infinite 35mm point and shoot a few months back(obvious bc of christmas tree).
  9. ianfilms

    Nine Club

    Only watch ones w guys I like bc I know I can sit through those, the Strobeck one was a stand out for sure. I liked the fact that chris roberts or anyone else didn't really talk a and Strobeck just went off. Side note- Don't understand the whole kelly hart thing w the button and it usually being used to vocalize him laughing
  10. ianfilms

    Copenhagen footplant

    How do you like the x100? The B&W is a good touch but maybe a little more contrast would've helped the skater pop out better instead of fading into the top of the fram
  11. ianfilms

    Printed 35mm Sequence

    Printed this in the darkroom off 35mm. It is a sequence but kinda hard to tell
  12. Started at the local JC Finished up a few skate videos, this one being my best, another just about done and retiring my VX. Picked up photography and sorta dropped the video stuff though. Honestly been thinking about SP every once in a while whenever I need help on shit but it was gone and done, but now ooooo Im glad y'all are back. And also gunna start lurking less
  13. ianfilms

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    @iancanfilm stoke sp is back. Gunna be posting here way more and post on instagram w photo stuff all the time
  14. ianfilms

    Thoughts About Nike Sb?

    Theres no reason to hate nike
  15. ianfilms

    Vx2000 Capture Cams And Tapes ( Dumb Question)

    Well there is 60 minutes on each tape so after you transfer you just fast forward to the end of what you filmed on the tape and keep using it and repeating the capturing/fast forwarding process till the full 60 min of the tape has been used. Then do whatever you want with the full tape.