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  1. Snowdon

    Shen-hao 4x5

    http://www.badgergraphic.com/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=120 with 150mm F5.6, 20ish riteway holders, filters etc. IF Interested CONTACT AT DONALDJHYATT@GMAIL.COM Love the camera, I just travel via bicycle for about half the year now and just don’t use it anymore.
  2. Snowdon

    Scanner for 35mm

    To anyone in the epson scanner game, switch to negative sleeves that are 6 frames long, (rather then 5 frames) it’s the maximum length for epson negative holders, thus holding your negatives as flat as possible even if they are curled. This is the most worth while advice I can give. It made a huge difference in my scans and all it does it hold the negatives more effectively. I used a 4490 and a 4650? I think, I don’t shoot film anymore really, once in the past few years now. Edit: also used viewscan? I think that’s what it’s called, i really don’t use it anymore as I don’t scan anything anymore really but it’s worth the investment to gain more control of epson scanner controls.
  3. Snowdon

    Trips coming up?

    Bike touring again this summer while WWOOFing. Looking at parts of eastern Ontario before north of montreal and then out to the magdalen islands. Did something similar last year, biked 3300 miles from Rochester to Quebec, Visited Sam Stewart in PEI and then biked out to NS and spent a few weeks with Julien. Photos are on instagram. We'll see how this summer goes, looking for more diversity in my farming experiences.
  4. Snowdon

    Random Photo Discussion

    Such a flashback seeing this site again. I'm laughing at my old name. This site is a time machine in seeing names of people on here.
  5. Snowdon

    Random Photo Discussion

    Recurrences in time.
  6. Snowdon

    Random Photo Discussion

    what is the quantified value of a d50?
  7. Snowdon

    Toe V.v Submission Thread

    Where I live: Rochester, NY. Where my last name is on the skyline I don't really skate anymore, but ride my bike quite a bit. Sam and Julien when I was in Halifax Self portrait at work.
  8. Snowdon

    Leica Released New Shit And I'm Stoked

    Do people really believe they have good service? It takes months for a simple repair. I like their products, but won't buy them new or really at all knowing the problems that they tend to have. Don't believe the hype, it's not what you think it really is.
  9. Snowdon

    Leica M6 Ttl Light Leak?

    It's from the top plate somewhere, there are little tiny light shields in there, that can become off, that is the right one. I'm not 100% on it but fairly sure, you also might want to check the back door, if you've got the time tape over the back door with gaffers tape or something and do a test roll. Id send it to sherry at golden touch, you'll get it back faster, repaired better and cheaper then Leica nj. Whoever you do send it in to, send photos with the light leaks, it will help the repair process. You also can ask/send sherry the images via email and ask what she thinks is wrong. Edit: looking at it again, I'm going to guess it's something with the back door.
  10. Snowdon

    Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone know where I should go in Nova Scotia next week? looking for some suggestions on where to get food, visit, see and such, If you know anyone who knows about Nova Scotia let me know.
  11. Snowdon

    Random Photo Discussion

    I run that yo. how you dudes been?
  12. Snowdon

    Any Photographers On Tumblr?

    in sig.
  13. Snowdon

    Random Photo Discussion

    Just buy an rx100II, I have no idea what they go for now. you basically get a WLF with the movable screen.