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  1. Tin Man

    Shopping Center

    Just some random photos at a shopping center near my house
  2. Tin Man


    I dig the 3rd one. Love photos were the people walking have some motion blur
  3. Tin Man


    Agreed on number 3 being cool. I like 1 a lot too. Colors on all of them are great
  4. Tin Man

    How To 4:3 Hd?

    Just shoot 1080p/720p and add this http://filmmakeriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/1080-4x3.png
  5. Tin Man

    Beginner Questions

    Yeah I'm trying to stay around $400 or less. Those art lenses are beautiful though.
  6. Tin Man

    Beginner Questions

    I feel like i'm really the only one posting in this thread, but whatever. I want to get a new 50mm lens for portraits (80mm on my 7d and it's great). I have the 50mm f1.8ii, but the autofocus is completely pointless. Every 50 shots or so I get one in perfect focus, and it's super sharp, but it's so rare. I tried manual focus which works ok but the focus throw is really short so it's a pain to focus at f1.8. So I'm looking at the 50mm STM, 50mm f1.4, or the Rokinon 50mm f1.4. Any suggestions? An f1.4 lens would be awesome for background separation and lowlight so I'm partially leaning towards the Canon f1.4, but I've heard the Rokinon is crazy sharp which would be nice too. Any idea what I should go for?
  7. Tin Man

    Some Recent Stuff

    Agreed. I Just bought the 24mm STM lens for my 7d, comes out to 38mm and it's wonderful. It's the only digital lens I've been using lately.
  8. Tin Man

    Some Recent Stuff

    Going from 50mm to 24mm would be a huge gap. Maybe try like a 35mm; that's what I've been using and I love it.
  9. Tin Man

    Wallie Bs Board To Fakie And Ollie Over Rail

    I think the wallie boardslide would look better if it was timed a little later so he's on top of the ledge a little more. I like the colors on both a lot
  10. Tin Man

    Ektar 100

    Part of that was the clouds. At one point it was totally over cast, then it cleared up. Kept going back and forth. I'll try that though, thanks
  11. Tin Man

    Ektar 100

    Shot my first roll of Ektar and I think I'm in love
  12. I don't think anyone really enjoys paying taxes. Who the hell would be excited for their money being taken and then wasted by the government?
  13. Tin Man

    Fancy To Gnarly 3 Pic Set

    On the last one you cut off the top of his head, and part of his arm. Generally you don't want to do that. And I can't tell what the second trick is. But I agree on the colors. They're fantastic
  14. Tin Man

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    Well Eazy Handle is shutting down
  15. Tin Man

    Which Handle?

    I've had both. Honestly the Takstar is fine for fish, but once you turn it up for long lens, it gets noisy as hell. I'd probably splurge for the Rode. Also not having to worry about batteries is tight.