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  1. mumbojumbo

    Got Some Stuff Back

    Wish there was a random photo thread so I didn't have to make one. Am I missing it?
  2. Yes - I have a Rollei 6000 series camera that goes up to 1/1000. In addition to auto exposure and auto film advance the 6008 Professional also has auto focus which is pretty neat.
  3. mumbojumbo

    Random Photo Discussion

    I appreciate the help. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't making demands outside of what's normally appropriate. Here's another one as thanks for the time!
  4. mumbojumbo

    Random Photo Discussion

    Yeah - I think that's probably the best way to do it. Yeah - he payed. I don't think the Zamboni shot will make it in. The brand is very basics oriented so the concept of the shoot was a bunch of off the cuff stuff at Coney Island. Most stuff doesn't even have the model in it, Would love it turn into a zine if the final edit is big enough.
  5. mumbojumbo

    Random Photo Discussion

    Hi SP. First post here, but have lurked a lot in the past (I realize everyone says that...) Anyway - I recently shot a lookbook on my Contax G1. Probably 10-12 rolls. I'm going through them now, but am worried that the guy who hired me will want me to turn over all of the files. I have worked jobs in the past where I submit a selection and the shoot is refined from there. Is that the norm? I really don't want to have my name on pictures that I don't like, but wasn't sure of the normal protocol. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to drop their 2 cents. I'll post the full shoot later if there's any interest, but here's one I liked...