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  1. liamfurneaux

    Ollie 2nd Angle

    2nd angle of a shot i posted a while back. critique welcome..
  2. liamfurneaux

    Chillin' Ollie

    thanks for the feedback guys and yeah i hear yah man, he does get pretty lost in the background and your eyes do get drawn to the hot spot quickly!
  3. liamfurneaux

    Chillin' Ollie

    Critique and advice welcome.. I feel the board gets a bit lost in the background!
  4. liamfurneaux

    Nosebonk / Nollie Flip

    thanks dude! haha tell me about it!
  5. liamfurneaux

    Nosebonk / Nollie Flip

    it's a nollie flip not nollie lip. Thanks for the feedback! It is a little hard to understand what's going on in the nollie flip shot, he's doing it off of the kicker to his left.
  6. liamfurneaux

    Nosebonk / Nollie Flip

    self crit - timing is a bit late on the nosebonk and slightly early on the nollie flip. Could have cloned out the board in the background on the nollie flip. Critique/advice welcome...
  7. liamfurneaux

    Ollie Over Rail

    critique welcome...
  8. liamfurneaux

    Rich Boye Rip Off (bs Smith)

    Thanks for the feedback man, a flash would have helped but having a go at shooting natural light for a change. My bad rich BOY! swear it has an 'E' after it haha!
  9. liamfurneaux

    Rich Boye Rip Off (bs Smith)

    bs smith at a crusty diy spot, critique please... (yes i know rich boye got a similar shot here)
  10. liamfurneaux

    Thirtyfive Mm

    thanks guys! probably should have fit the corner of the bed/sunbed in but i like the right side of it as well. haha the second shot is confusing, they were looking at gold rings! and in the third the dog was looking at me, as i shot the picture he looked away haha!
  11. liamfurneaux

    Thirtyfive Mm

    Here's a few new film shots. Let me know what you think!
  12. liamfurneaux

    Kickflip Fifty & A Front Lip Fakie

    front lip is golden!
  13. liamfurneaux

    Front 180's And Darkstall's

    first one is beautiful!
  14. liamfurneaux


    first and last are sick!
  15. liamfurneaux

    Front Smith