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  1. 3flat0land6

    What the hell have you been up to?

    I think I joined when SP was kinda dying so no one would really know me, but I'm currently going to school for Film and Video production. Haven't really done much skate video or photo recently, just lots of photoshop composites, landscapes, and some portraits.
  2. 3flat0land6

    B & W

    Thanks for the great critique! the competition was actually a couple weeks ago and i got first in the open category with the tire swing. the backflip photo was a close 4th [lost points for grain and blur] When i took the tire swing photo i was out hunting for bokeh shots for some practice with my 50mm without the intention of looking like someone who has just got an slr. looking at the photos now, i have way better photos i could've entered, they just weren't found in my search for photos to enter. The color photo was especially a bad choice, the judges didn't like it too much.
  3. 3flat0land6

    Been A While

    all these are so cool! felt the board is kinda lost in the hippy jump but still a super sick photo. really dig the bs tail and regular nosegrind.
  4. 3flat0land6

    B & W

    thanks for the reply. i also agree that the bonus swing is better, just thought others might think otherwise. the categories are: people, animals, nature, action, open, and colour. i'm gonna act the teacher at my school that's helping us enter what she thinks about the colour and dog ones. since i can show her almost all my shots i can probably get a better picture to enter.
  5. 3flat0land6

    B & W

    There's a b&w high school photo competition coming up, and I'm struggling to pick what i want to enter and if the shots are actually good photos. there are 6 categories and one of them is color, but only 1 photo can be entered per category. let me know your thoughts, and be as harsh as you want! bonus1: http://i.imgur.com/qvbR9NS.jpg bonus2: http://i.imgur.com/PKu0CGX.jpg
  6. same thing been happening to me. kinda starting to piss me off
  7. 3flat0land6

    Mac Or Pc For Editing?

    are you talking laptop or desktop? cause i feel that for laptops most people use mac, but for desktop a lot of people build their PC cause building can be cheaper and faster than a mac. personally i use the family imac, but i'm probably gonna try to get my own macbook pro or maybe a mac mini once i graduate. i like mac's mainly for the simplicity of the software, and how they "can't" get virus' and shit like that. when my grampa passed i got his asus laptop and after a couple months of using it i cleared the whole thing cause it got all this adware and shit from me downloading stuff. if you do get a PC, dont get windows 8, its such a bitch and everything is so dumb in my opinion
  8. 3flat0land6


    i think the angle is fine, but im not really feeling the picture itself. not really sure what it is, just seems so flat/bland
  9. 3flat0land6

    Fs Noseslide

    really like the skateboard shadow on the ledge but it might've looked better if it wasn't an ass angle
  10. 3flat0land6

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    same thing happened it me! let me know how much it costs to repair. kinda want to use my t3i as a secondary angle now
  11. 3flat0land6

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    what happened?
  12. 3flat0land6


    i had a view finder for my t3i and it was just this one http://www.amazon.it/XCSOURCE%C2%AE-2-8X-viewfinder-Ingranditore-Canon/dp/B009ZCDOA2/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1456642041&sr=8-5&keywords=lcd+viewfinder besides the magnet being mediocre it was pretty good. whats the difference between the one i got and the ones youre looking at? the sevenoak one looks best imo, however i dont think its worth it to drop that much money on a viewfinder
  13. 3flat0land6

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    a little late, but back in September i got the canon t6s. originally wanted the a6000, but having current canon lenses made me get the t6s. really enjoying the bump in quality and features from my t3i. so much less noise and the colours seem so much better particularly for photos. also back last march i "inherited" all my grandpas film gear. havent really used any of it much, but i just got a pentax k mount to eos converter so now i can use his old tokina 28-200. used it tonight and it seems really soft but im stoked to have a more versatile long range-ish lens. one thing im waiting for is amazon.ca to get the knockoff batteries for the t6s cause right now im struggling on one battery. also looking at getting a glidecam or something similar and fluid head tripod. really excited to start filming in the streets and outside - we've had an unusually short winter. we skated till early december, and the park is getting skateable now. usually winter is november till mid march
  14. 3flat0land6

    Dslr Montages

    i liked the second one more than the first. two questions for you. was the vig in the second montage added in in post? and in the first were you filming at a low shutter speed? cause the slow mo's had lots of motion blur good work overall.
  15. 3flat0land6

    Mini Half Ollie

    really like how he pops out against the background. such a sick shot and i dont see anything wrong with it