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  1. jw1000

    Is This A Bad Idea?

    You will be fine
  2. jw1000

    Dvx100 Vs Gl2

    i have a dvx/opteka setup im tryna sell
  3. jw1000

    Another Vx2 Or Step Up To Vx1

    Just step down your current fisheye to a vx1 until you have the $ for an mk1
  4. jw1000

    Dvx Viewfinders And Lcd Question

    but one with a working lcd would be even better
  5. jw1000

    Random Vx Footy

    Yo shoes are a tad squeaky
  6. jw1000

    Dvx Viewfinders And Lcd Question

    Okay pm me!
  7. jw1000

    Dvx Viewfinders And Lcd Question

    Yes, or you could buy my DVX with a functioning viewfinder and lcd
  8. jw1000

    Getting Hvx P2 Footy Onto A Mac?

  9. jw1000

    4:3 Hd On Micro Four Thirds

    So fucking sick dude. I never would have thought about trying this
  10. jw1000

    Aps-c Fisheyes

    Sigma 8mm is super wide. Some people don't like all the big, but i always loved the look of that setup
  11. jw1000

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    Ahhh i see. I don't mind 30p skate footage but if it irks you, then sell that shiz and buy a t2i bc those are so fucking cheap now or a t3i if you want the flip out screen. You can always get an adapter for that vintage nikon glass to fit your canon. ^
  12. Are you just looking for camcorders?
  13. jw1000

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    This is a very good point
  14. jw1000

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    Motion blur is not affected by your lens. Try using a faster shutter speed.