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  1. LimeReerdawn

    Eazy Handle V2 For Sale!

    Im in the states. Theres a chance ill buy ill let you know. Email me liamr1998@gmail.com
  2. LimeReerdawn


    That was so tight. Whats the song???
  3. LimeReerdawn

    Vx Or Hvx

    Send it with the vx if youre filming og new york style shit. Otherwise go for the hvx dawg
  4. LimeReerdawn

    Boardslide On A Janky Rail

    This looks so gnarly
  5. LimeReerdawn


    I definitely dig the fisheye shot more
  6. LimeReerdawn

    Whats Really Good Tho Fam

    Fucking lit. Digging the colors
  7. LimeReerdawn


    This looks fucking amazing
  8. LimeReerdawn

    Bs Grind 24 Rail

    Banger of a trick. Not sure if Im digging the shot. The set doesn't look very big and the rail doesn't look intimidating from this angle.
  9. LimeReerdawn

    Canon 5d Mark Ii Vs Canon 7d

    Agreed. Get a 6d. Couldn't be happier with mine
  10. LimeReerdawn

    T3i W/ Cinestyle Vs 6d

    Thats great. Definitely gonna have to buy a 30mm now
  11. LimeReerdawn

    T3i W/ Cinestyle Vs 6d

    I have a 6d and I used to have a t3i and there's no comparison
  12. LimeReerdawn

    Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    This looks really cinematic. When you do color correcting just mess around with different colors and tones and you'll find a style that you like and run with that shit.
  13. LimeReerdawn

    Grey Skate Mag - Blend. How Did They Do It?

    This video is fucking nuts. I dig this shit
  14. LimeReerdawn

    Canon 6d Or 7d?

    Fisheyes are really expensive but if you're doing photography too, the 6d is great. I shoot and film with the 6d and it's great
  15. LimeReerdawn

    Canon 6d Or 7d?

    6d for sure! 7d isn't even full frame