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  1. cameron.lloyd

    Rugged Spot

    Ollie over a knocked down railing at a burn't down house. Thought i might as well post it, what do you think? bonus
  2. cameron.lloyd

    Narrow Ledge To Ledge Gap

    Gap from ledge to ledge, the ledge wasn't much wider than a boards width. What do you think? Alt angle
  3. cameron.lloyd


    luv it
  4. cameron.lloyd


    lightings really good besides the shadow to the left of him, i also feel like the square crop works well.
  5. cameron.lloyd

    Sk8n Up Rails N What Not

    tried it out, i reckon b&w is better
  6. cameron.lloyd

    Sk8n Up Rails N What Not

    A few shots from today, let me know what chu thinking smith alt angle 1 smith alt angle 2 bonus
  7. cameron.lloyd

    Tre Over Stairs+flat

    Lightings real good dude!
  8. cameron.lloyd

    To The Road

    i edited it in lightroom 5 and shooting at iso 400 i think, not sure why the grain in the background showed up?
  9. cameron.lloyd

    To The Road

    8 flat 1 to the road from tonight, let me know what you think. (fixed the sizing for better viewing pleasure) colour version bonus
  10. cameron.lloyd

    Some Recent Black And White

    2nd my favourite
  11. cameron.lloyd

    Check Out

    really really nice
  12. cameron.lloyd

    Frontslide Boredslide Pop Out

    Not much to say about it except critique is always welcome. alt angle
  13. cameron.lloyd

    Bump To Wallride

    digging it man!
  14. cameron.lloyd

    Digi & Film Bump 2 Bar

    I like the film one more and i feel like the guy on the right adds to the photo, it looks like he was kicking you out
  15. cameron.lloyd

    Hippie Hop

    i like the lighting and the blurs rad, maybe a little longer of an exposure and get lower